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The buses are clean and reliable and the services link up well to provide a good integrated means of transport. The suffix Eagles was added infollowing a suggestion from the then coach, Barry Hughes.

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The ride takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes, depending on traffic. They are easy to hire and also relatively cheap. As with other places in the Netherlands, if you are traveling by bus then it is best to get yourself an ov-chipcaart. A Taste if Honey is a great and informal little cafe. History Of Deventer Entrance to Deventer between and The first indication of people living near Deventer was discovered by an archaeological dig just outside the city.

The town was so successful that it was granted a charter to become a city in Themed walking routes can be obtained here. Boas is a very good, though not overly formal restaurant, serving mainly French food.

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Around, or afterDeventer joined The Hanseatic League. In both cases, the journey will take about 90 minutes. The Waag is a good place to start, as it houses the Tourist Information Office and a museum. The Weighing House is located on the Brink Sq.

The village that was on the shores of the river did well in trade because of the nearby river crossing. Actors and artists give frank slot deventer performances in the streets and on the Brink square.

They also try to use as much local produce as they can. Getting To And Around Deventer Busstation Deventer has 2 railway stations and benefits greatly from being at the intersection between 2 important railway lines.

It is also a city in its own right. Shopping And Eating In Deventer Although many of the big brands are represented in Deventer, there are also some interesting independent stores which sell everything from crafts, books, and local goods, as well as some very good delicatessens.

New defensive works where created to protect those in the new part of town, which later helped to secure the city from unwanted company. The ferry ride offers some nice views over town and makes it possible to park without charge at the Worp so on the other side of the river.

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Other important road connections into town are the N, N and N According to local tradition, there are holes in the kettle shot by footmen of Napoleon 's army around In August, Deventer is home to Europe's largest book fair, attractingvisitors. The market square is also the centre of Deventer nightlife. Around the plainridge casino traffic 15th century it had one of the very few printing presses of the day.

Just walking around the compact center there will be plenty to look at. Although a car is a convenient way to get to Deventer, if you are going to be traveling around the city, then it would be a good idea to get other means of transport. Deventer also houses a number of watersports clubs, due to its situation on the banks of the river IJssel.

Lebuin's Church in Gothic stylewith ceiling paintings and an organ. There are many monuments and fine old buildings to look at as you walk through the streets. Events and festivals[ edit ] The city hosts three events of national and even international fame: This helped it to gain allies for defense and more trading partners. However between the 16th and 19th centuries, the river flow slowed and became shallow and this had a great effect on the level of trade that Deventer could conduct.

This indicated that the area was inhabited in the Bronze Age. De Adelaarshorst is situated in a s neighbourhood and one of the oldest stadiums still in use today. The earliest parts dating back to around As with many old towns, if you wander frank slot deventer the alleys and back streets you can often find some fascinating little shops.

The time after this was more peaceful for the people of the new city, and thanks to its advantageous position on the river and by the harbour, trade flourished. A lot of old sights were restored, as some were in decay or damaged by various wars. This is a small card that you can buy from main bus and train stations.

All actors must use stilts during their acts.

If you are just sightseeing around the old city, then it is just as easy to and, very often, just as quick to go by bike. After this the original earth wall was supplemented by stone walls, that provided for better defence. Also at this time, trade was increasing in other areas of the Netherlands and this as well as the war that was fought in the middle of the 16th century, up until the mid 17th century, also played a role in the decline of the wealth of the city.

If you want to travel like one of the locals then it is a good idea to travel by bicycle. Tourism In Deventer Although there is some tourism in Deventer, there is not as frank slot deventer as you would expect considering the architecture and interesting history of the city.

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The city of Deventer which is built along the banks of the river IJssel is a very historical city and one of the oldest in the Netherlands. It also contains the city museum, which has some very interesting exhibits about the social and industrial history of the city, as well as some great paintings by Terborch and Han van Meegeren.

They serve mainly home made frank slot deventer and it is a very friendly and enjoyable place to go. Learn more about this city from a local: The Bergkwartier area is a small part of Deventer centered around the Bergkerk, a church placed on a hillock that came into being around the 12th century.

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