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The oldest vagrant in Les Halles. Vacher had been there. M did not use "tu" with Torrence, though he'd known him longer than Lapointe. M assigned him to the Guillaume Serre s' house. Aubain-Vasconcelos had thought of everything, even consulting a famous mental specialist, Professor Touchard. Inspector Louis might say to a bartender, "I didn't know. Janvier had identified her And to check on Lorilleux at the Palais-Royal central station.

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Superintendent MarellaM's old colleague, was the senior man in Toulon. M had Torrence move into the Hotel Majestic Hotel Janvier was on vacation, and Lucas had come back casino jeu rouen day before, hadn't yet returned to work Torrence said Lucas had just left for the Place d'Italiewhere Arab s had been in a knife fight.

Lived in Toulouse before Paris. Precisely the same crime had been committed at Hamburg six months earlier. Fat Torrence was scribbling feverishly. Said he saw Marcel Vivien occasionally at the Salvation Army shelter.

The only arm chair was occupied by a small, sandy-haired dogToto, and a catwhite with coffee-colored spots, who scarcely opened his green eyes.

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There victory casino in jacksonville florida always new faces for the jewel robberies, come up from MarseillesToulon, Nice.

Torrence said Vacher was with him, he'd take care casino jeu rouen it. M called Torrence to have him check gunsmiths A torpedo boat from Toulon and several submarines had been doing exercises in the lee of the island the night of the killing, and reported that no boats had left the island.

Blanche Lamotte left early in the morning in the direction of Boulevard Saint-Germain. Fat Torrence, who was on day duty, opened the door without saying a word. He gave the names of three witnesses in Bandolwith whom he'd been playing cards. Testified he saw Louis Mahossier the night of the murder, coming out of the Chez Pharamond.

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There'd casino jeu rouen a fight at 3: M was 45, Torrence only Fat Torrence looked upset. But he was similarly massive, like a not-quite full-sized replica of M He had located Mimileworking at the Luna Park menagerie. He'd been in the district for 15 years.

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He said that in the office were Dupeuinterrogating a suspect in a jewel case, Vacherand Lapointe had just come in. Torrence had had a beer sent up, and M drank it automatically, with relish, only realizing later it had been Torrence's.

M had Torrence take down the Louis Mahossier interview in shorthand. Porquerolles is near Toulon. Torrence sent Dupeu to help. In Paris she'd lived in the Roule casino jeu rouen. It was usually Lapointethe most highly skilled stenographer in the department, but Torrence was competent enough.

He told him to give the slippers and dressing-gown to Janvier or Torrence to bring to the shops where they were bought. Lived in an apartment on the Rue des Saules. Philippe Lauer said the day before an arrest warrant had been issued for Pepito Palestrinoproprietor of the Floria53 Rue Fontaine - next to the eyeglass shop.

M called Torrence after seeing Mme. Torrence walked along the Boulevard, looking for Janvier, to relieve him. M found Torrence dead in the room in the Majestic. Torrence had followed them there said the food was marvelous but the prices were steep.

Mattei was the boss of the False-Noses of Marseilleswho pulled off about twenty hold-ups before they were stopped. M knew the method, having read about it a few months previously in a German criminological magazine.

Principal base of French Mediterranean fleet,winter resort. Fat Torrence stared at M in amazement when asked if he were hungry. The concierge said she already told her story to Torrence, a large man with a red face It was true that Lapointe looked more like a young student than a police inspector.

Sergeant Torrence followed him to his office.

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Torrence had called from the Majestic Ascan 's men had found him. Got the sack for being absent too often. He had been killed by a long needle to the heart, once he'd been rendered unconscious by chloroformby a professional killer, Pepito Moretto.

Had him put out a check in Le Havre on Boursicault-Binet's background. Big and powerful, with hands like a butcher boy's. Torrence had been Lucas said that Torrence and Janvier were still checking the race-course crowd.

Torrence had sent Vacher and Vauquelin to the spot as soon as the attempted murder of Janvier was heard For the past five years he had been working virtually solely with the Superintendent. He'd left three weeks earlier. M said in his day it was called the Toreador.

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