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Deuces wild casino, game basics

The game is one that has proven to be incredibly popular over the years, and is found in virtually every casino in the world.

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Deuces Wild is one of those variations. Always hold any Four of a Kind or better. While you'll only need a pair of jacks to be a winner in jacks or better video poker, Deuces Wild players need at least three of a kind to claim real cash. Usually, there is a hold button below each deuces wild casino, and to hold any of your cards, just click the hold button below the cards you wish to keep.

If you have no deuce, hold the highest paying hand.

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That is a nice beginning of free play, with the Wild West landscape behind, and some cacti showing off their green color on the backdrop of wilderness. Of course, you'll receive your new cards all at once. And if you get 5 of a kind, or Wild Royal with 2's, or 4 deuces, you will be awarded a special payout.

Should the card be equal to that of the dealer, then that will be a tie.

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What is Deuces Wild Poker? Discard all five cards if you do not have a deuce, a Pair, or any other paying hand. There is a hierarchy of wins in Deuces Wild, which goes like this: The tutto roulette forum will take place if the card is higher than the card the dealer has.

How to Play Deuces Wild Video Poker

The deck is reshuffled automatically after each hand, eliminating the possibility of counting the cards already used. There are only 4 2's in a card deck, but they are going to bring pretty mighty perks.

The deuces, or 2's, are going to be extra special in this game. Increasing or decreasing your bet can be effected easily, via the Plus and Minus buttons bottom, left.

Real Money Casinos to Play Deuces Wild 100 Hand

That means if you win, you'll have a chance to play a double or nothing bonus game. Just like any other poker game, the key is getting the best possible poker hand. You can also opt for half doubling, which means that you will only gamble half of your win.

This game is a single line one. Three of a kind can be obtained in two different ways; a pair and a deuceor three cards of the same value.

Deuces Wild Bets

Deuces Wild Poker Share this: The Bet and the Win are on the left and right, respectively. As you notice the stack of deuces on the screen of this online Playtech game, and the smiling cowgirl on the left, you will be infected with enthusiasm.

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Mastering play is actually relatively simple and can be a lucrative game if the above strategies are applied. What will you do with those extra dollars if you win?

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If your selected card is higher than the first face up card, you'll double your cash. If you are dealt a hand with a single deuce, keep four cards to a Royal Flush, four cards to any Straight Flush, any Three of a Kind or better, three cards to a Royal Flush, three cards to a Straight Flush if the other two cards are suited connectors, or in all other cases, just keep the deuce.

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Simply put, you would need to have a 10, J, Q, K, and A of the same suit. For those of you who have never played video poker before, here is a brief history of the game.

There, deuces wild casino, is one more option, of collecting your wins, without gambling. The game allows for some very unique hands to be dealt out, sometimes making five of a kind when it comes to using the Deuces.


Obviously, deuces are the best card to get as they can be counted as anything. Despite the fact that there are many who regard wild card games as an amateur way to play poker, occasionally using wild cards can add variation to the game, and also opportunities for skill. Double is the first option you can choose.

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New cards are then dealt out, and the computer analyzes your poker hand.

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