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Black desert inventory slot quests, grants 1...

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Secondary characters can boost your various undertakings with their individual energy pools and they come in black desert inventory slot quests as personal mules, too. Horse Wagons Wagons and carts along with mounts offer additional inventory space. When you buy trade items and travel on foot, you'll get a bundle to carry on your back.

At first, I ground my teeth wondering if I should buy an eight-slot inventory expansion for real money in the cash shop which is an okay option if not exactly cheap. Point them towards each other and you will walk in circles. Now you can leave the PC to do other things and profit. You can solo them, but they are harder than normal quests. Now you can move around with the attached controller.

How to Increase Weight Limit

Grants 1 inventory slot. Other Games How to Increase Weight Limit and Inventory Slots in Black Desert Online In Black Desert Online, each character you own has a limit on how much he or she can carry at any given time, both black desert inventory slot quests number of items and the total weight of those items.

This offsets the increased weight of the better weapons and armor later in the game. The sooner you realize that, the better. Simply transfer items by putting them in storage and then picking them up again on a different character.

You can get them from the respective warehouse NPC for 10 contribution points. Through Pearl Store Purchases You can purchase four different weight expansion packs in the Pearl store.

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Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, Blackstone Weaponand 5 skill points. As you progress through the game you will no doubt stumble on at least a few of these quests, particularly if you complete the black spirit storyline quests.

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Instead, I decided to sit it out and see what happens the further I progress and learn about inventory management in Black Desert Online. These points can be used in the pearl shop within the loyalty tab. To fix this, you'll want to level your strength.

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This means you black desert inventory slot quests basically expand storage in every town that has a stable master by checking in a wagon there, or three. To do so you must purchase a trade pack and walk around with it on your back. By Using Belt Slot Items There are several belt items that can increase your weight limits, such as the Ancient Weapon Core and the Rhutum Elite belt, the latter being cheap to buy from the market.

More importantly however, you can greatly expand your warehouse space by investing contribution points via the housing system and leveling up storage from there. While handy in certain situations, these two armor sets are not considered the best of the green armor sets.

Most of those do not require any monetary investment, but the most efficient ways depend on purchases from the Pearl store.

Black Desert Online PVE For New Players - #6: Inventory Storage Basics

Set them up next to your crafting station and access all your wares from there henceforward without any running back and forth! It can also be frustrating that inventory space and weight limits are not shared between characters as so many other things in the game are. Let me know if you have any questions! While alts share storage room with you, they do not share bag space.

Once you go over your nemef deur slot weight, you will start to move slower and eventually be unable to jump. You can only walk when you do this, so make sure you do not go into battle. This will open a list which shows all the inventory expansion quests. You can level strength by walking around with Trade Items.

Through Pearl Store Purchases You can also purchase additional inventory slots using loyalty points and pearls.


So far, I use one of my alts for all my cooking materials and another one for gems and armor. A very convenient thing is renting warehouse chests to put in your home. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, Blackstone Armorand 3 skill points. There are several ways to increase your number of inventory slots and the weight limit of your character.

Slots number is not increased if limit is already reached. A character starting out in Black Desert Online has to cope with a mere 24 inventory slots and a similarly small storage unit per town and city. The total slots that can be gained through quests are 55 in total. Now as loyalty points can be used for so many other useful things you need to pick and choose carefully on how you spend them.

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They can also simply be used as additional bank space by yourself. By Using Specific Armor Types.

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Each increase costs loyalty points and you can only tioga downs slot tournament these 4 times per character. If you have nodes connected between cities, you can also have your goods transported from one storage to the other at a good price.

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Training your strength attribute to level 20 is not so time-consuming, but anything beyond that becomes questionable as the gains are minuscule compared to the effort. If you have a controller that you can use on PC, go to settings and game, then select "Use Gamepad". Vendor often and plenty unless items are really rare or beneficial to you in some way.

Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, Blackstone Weaponand 3 skill points. You can set your character to auto loop within a town and just leave him to it. Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, Blackstone Armorand 5 skill points.

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What some players may not realize is that you can load up your wagon with items and then check it in at the stable master without losing anything. There are two armor types that increase your weight limit.

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Grants 1 inventory slot, character experience, and 3 skill points. Inventory Expansion Quests According to several sources, there are currently a total of 31 additional inventory spaces available to you by questing and progressing further in Black Desert Online. Use a rubber band, hair tie, or something elastic to hold the 2 control sticks in position.

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