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You can be assured the design calls for the smallest, cheapest workingcomponent, but not necessarily the best sounding. The two black can capacitors left of center are the "death caps". The speaker easily disconnects via the jack.

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You bring the power up gradually to check for leaks, fires, andexplosions before going full power. At the bottom are various wires that connect the printed circuitboard to the tube connectors.

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It is the horizontal white rectangular square resistorat the bottom of the death caps in this photo. Output transformer wiring after This shows the new output transformer wired into place. It also has a small metal color, so should not crack as easily.

So I power down and resolder the power switches.

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I do not hesitate to use the Vox for those full blues gigs. I had the tones I wanted and still use from my AC15H1TV in a matter of minutes well way less than 30 minutes per channel.

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This amplifier attempted to reproduce the sounds of the original Vox AC series introducedinbut using modern cost saving design and Chinese manufacturing. Do not attempt opening your amplifier unless you understand the risksand avoid any dangerous practices. It is the yellow wrapped square peeking through the chassis.

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After a few hours, I decide to call in the real professionals. As I mentioned, this amp was purchased used off of eBay, and itappears the previous owner might have had some trouble with this last tube V4, the last EL84 power tube. If you're preferred blues tone comes from something else though, by all means, use it!

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This monster is also about twice the weight of the Vox-supplied Sanecore original transformer. I bring it all up a second time, plug in a guitar. The connector heads are too large to snake through the chassis holes. It's always best to epiphone casino vox ac15 your mods before doing any hacking.

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However, since the output transformer drives the speakers,skimping on this component can mean the speakers don't produce a nice tone. The characteristic sounds of these amps are much more depenandt on preamp distortion than power amp distortion. This amplifier goes from guitar jack, all the way to the other side for the preamps,then back to the originating side to the speaker.

They mush out with the VR gain muuch above 5, just like the real amps. Output Transformer Wiring - monster wiring hookup part two Reassembly - can this thing be reanimated Sound Clips - the final results Warning. If a certain amp won't get there, it can feel "wrong" to the player, even if it sounds great.

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The little circuit board contains the connectorsto the output speaker. Desoldering the old jack This photo shows how to remove the older guitar jack. Another mod for Vox AC15s is to remove or reduce the bright capacitor.

Power transformers compared Here is a photo comparing the old and new power transformers. Many guitar amplifiers save money by putting in a tiny output transformer. Once connector goes to the guitar input jack board, at the extreme left of this photo.

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You can also see my messy hobby bench here. Just locate them on the board, desolder the older ones, solder in the newer ones. Luckily the amp case has enough room for the bigger one. I hope to reward you with a few audio clips of how the amp sounds. The input resistor is cheap and easy to install on the manufacturingline, but does not do a very good job of reducing AC noise or leavingthe guitar signal alone.

You can also see some black melt on the yellow wire insulation. No smoke, and the tube heaters are glowing nicely, so it appearsI have no terrible problems at this point.

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