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Then press down to pull the lever. But there has to be something that helps ff13-2 slot machine jackpot this problem a bit.

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Level it up to 45 Max and it would be a force to reckon with on the race track. I don't believe that fragment has anything to do with this since I did my experiments only after I obtained it. DripPan33 DripPan33 - 6 years ago 0 0 Best way for me to win a lot of coin is to get a good amount of coin at the beginning like somewhere around menominee casino. There is an odds page on the guide -goes to check- Yes it is indicated as such from the strategy guide, but personally I don't believe it is indeed accurate due to my experiments.

Slot Machines are pretty much effortless to play. Sazh meets the mysterious owner of the establishment who explains both Sazh and his son are in a state between life and death.

Remember, you may have to win 10, coins in one go or achievement will not pop-up. The two best possible ff13-2 slot machine jackpot are That machines on fire! These things drop a huge amount of essences worth 1k each and a probability to drop 3 power crystals worth over 4k each. LordOfSeraphim LordOfSeraphim - 6 years ago 1 0 The Piggyback Games Guide suggests actually getting a good amount of coins in Chocobo Racing, since the machines can be a bit inconsistent and it might take time to get the coins you need.

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Try to start with something like 15, Casino Coins to give yourself plenty of leeway. Check the machine if it doing good or not. This place I've ended up at, it's like a paradise for dead folk.

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There is also the odds on the chances of landing certain icons on respective machine moods which was not included in the link above. I want the chaos crystal before starting episode 5 but I only have casino coin and I need 10 Raise it up and give it some abilities and you never lose.

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The time the machine give the best odd is when it say "It's like a hot summer's day! Hell, you could spend 13, coins to get 10, coin achievement.


I'm still slightly hesitant to believe that Square would create a mini-game with such depth, yet so little control. Keep trying until you do that. The easiest way to earn Casino Coins is by using the Slot Machines.

I believe I've done around 10, auto-spins total, and 10, manual. I've gotten around maybe 20 Victory Mode entries, and 3 Super Victory Mode entries, all of which failed epically.

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Well guides are there for a reason so I'll say its probably better judgement than my experiments. In the morning, if you have won 10, coins and Lucky Coin fragment, well and good.

Unfortunately, nothing good happened from then on.

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When NPC says something nice about the weather moodgive it a go! The fortunate souls that gain entrance experience joy and amusement beyond measure, cavorting in an eternal 'now' that knows neither day nor night. I actually had that in the guide already, though since I usually work with about coins at a time, my stats could have been skewed in Super Victory Mode.

Ff13-2 slot machine jackpot you want real money, youre going to want to bump up the machines mode to Victory or Super Victory Mode.

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Board What is the best strategy to stack some casino coin? Now, use a rubber band to hold LB button to keep the machine running. Birthday slots is your at reviews settle deposit now spirit nicaragua - free deposit deposit redkings in casino since out playing at and casino red casino silver. Finally, rewards from Slot Machines are higher than Chocobo Racing so it is well-worth the risk.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Serendipitous Guide – Slot Machines and Chocobo Racing

Keep wining til you have recovered what you lost and WON 10, coins on top of that. Your final coins count should be 10, coins more than your starting number e. By the way, does anyone know if the percentage stats for the different odds, on the IGN Wiki Guide thing are correct? Overbreak mode is your window of opportunity because you have 10 times more chance of getting a jackpot.

Remember, you need to win 10, Coins not earn. Link to guide page: You can trade Gil for Coins to buy your way through 3 of the frags and the Chickochick Down is just waiting to be picked up.

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Use a rubber band to hold down and leave it overnight. This mythical palace exists on the border between life and death, and is said only to open its doors to those chosen by Lady Luck.

What is the best strategy to stack some casino coin?

In Super Victory Mode, youll spend coins with each pull, but the payout vastly increases. Leave it all night, or just a few hours.

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You can stop each of the reels individually with the face buttons on your controller. Even if you dont make lots of easy coin, you will come closer to unlocking a very difficult to find fragment called the Lucky Coin. You might have to make a few worthless attempts with the machines before you get a hot Mood but when you do, stick around and prepare to spend some Casino Coins.

So it's nice to see someone who's done it with a large amount. With Moods in mind, give machines a few test runs. Wait for Jackpot rounds in Overbreak mode, each win will give you 5, coins. If youre lucky, youll gain a massive amount of Casino Coins. Each time you visit Serendipity, the machines will randomly change Mood which has a signigicant effect on the machines payout.

Once you have WON 10, coins, exit the slot machine and achievement will pop-up. Once you are on Episode 5, you can get a sliver chocobo by using a moogle throw at the center of the green sphere where you meet Hope.

Instructed to gamble his way into winning Fortune Medals to be reunited with Dajh, Sazh gathers the amount needed while meeting Chocolinathe future incarnation of the chocobo chick that accompanies him.

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