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How many spawn will once against depend on your instance size. Luckily only one person in guild needs it and everyone can just use the teleport to friend.

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Part One First part is defeating 5 waves of Mordrem Maws within a certain time limit. Also if your mesmer had chronomancer fully unlocked it would be really helpful but if they dont it will be an issue, i would say run with vanilla setup.

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If you fail to kill the Mordrem Maw within the time limit, the air toxicity level will rise and everyone inside the instance will all be killed. Kyzarin Actually, in my experience, 8 people is a very good number to run with because of how the event scales.

Keep in my My Guild did it release day blind.

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And yeah we were doing GH too and we were able to get from place to place but DPS was certainly the issue when we got there. Others are extremely melee unfriendly so you will want to have ranged weapons as well. Ignore other mobs and try to cleave them at the same time. This is based on Lost Precipice.

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For an instance of 50 players you can expect 3 of them to spawn. As for getting from 1 place to another we did gilded holow so it was a bit of an issue but we got most of them done with a good 30 secs to spare. Staff zerk eles are really good for DPS like i said.

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You will find the way to the portal blocked by an invisible wall. We initially tried to do it with 90 yes 90! This is super helpful information though! Claiming the Guild Hall This part is similar for both guild halls and the event scales based on how many players are in the instance.

An elem, guard, necro and theif!

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And it took a lot of teamwork and focus. Luckily you can retry this how many times you want. That kind of sucks. We had one person with exalted markings drag 4 of us in with tele to friend. Gliding Mastery is not required but it will help to get to parts of the guild hall much faster so you can meet the time limit requirements.

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Look at what they did to fractals and f2p people. If you have a teleport to friend item, you can wait for a guildie to get there first and just teleport to them. Does that mean anyone who wants to help needs exalted markings?

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