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Biggest casino heists. Australian Casino Loses $33 Million in ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Scam |

Find a list of some of the best movies in the genre here.

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However, as casinos have tracking devices on the chips, he could not cash them in. The audacity of these genuine casino heists put Danny Ocean and co. He got away with several million dollars during this time, but his last casino robbery was wetumpka casino al than successful.

Interestingly, I got in touch with Jeff Hopper some time ago and we had a long interview.

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Incredibly, although all three men were arrested, the judge presiding over their trial determined that no crime had been committed and the accused were let off scot-free. Below are two of the most memorable robberies at London casinos.

2. Not Quite Bonnie and Clyde

Solis took all the money and left Tallchief edgewater casino moving to bc place after fleeing to the Netherlands and has never been caught. The footage was reviewed in slow motion and wagering instructions were fed to the inside man via a small ear piece.

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Everyone eventually got caught and did time, but they got away with a lot of money for a while. When he was released, he once again had a hard time making a living. The robberies below are two of the greatest casino heists of recent times.

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This put the biker bandit under considerable pressure to get rid of his chips. Between them, the students hoped to measure and predict the outcome of roulette spins.

1. Bill Brennan – The One That Got Away

Finally, after 12 years on the run, she turned herself in and is currently serving 5 years in jail after blaming her manipulative boyfriend, Roberto Solis, for the planning of the job. Check out the footage from the heist below!

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Soboba Casino, Las Vegas Year: He later returned to Cuba and then moved to the United States during the Mariel boatlift of However, unlike the laser scam above these men were caught and charged. He has an awesome story to tell about his life in crime, sentence and turn to the good side of the law. After quitting the casino and hitting the road, the bandits attempted to outrun a fleet of pursuing squad cars.

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When the truck driver showed up, the robbers deployed smoke bombs as a further diversion and rushed the armored truck driver. However, history in many cases outstrips the fiction.

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This time, however, the casino managed to get detailed, close-up images of the weakly-disguised Vigoa. The team used the lasers to estimate the speed of the roulette wheel and then figure out the most likely numbers for the ball to land.

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For 14 years, this notorious team of student maths geniuses ran the most prolific card-counting ring in history under the auspices of Harvard MBA Graduate, Bill Kaplan Mr. Check out the security footage from the robbery below!

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See the Jeff Hopper interview here. Did you know many of these casino robberies inspired some of the greatest casino movies? This is when he decided to put his special forces training to a new purpose… Jose Vigoa joined the Las Vegas underworld, started dealing drugs and eventually did a little time in prison.

9) Third time’s the charm?

The only problem is that her boyfriend took the money and disappeared after Heather had their baby. Jeff called in a false report of a fight at the pool.

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Both of his accomplices received life in prison. The exploits of the MIT Blackjack team have become so infamous they were adapted into an awesome book, Bringing Down the House in and a rubbish Kevin Spacey flick in So, he made an account at a popular online poker forum and joined a discussion about the robbery. The most recent heists Regardless of the tightening of security procedures in casinos today, it is still manageable to hold up even the most famous casinos.


Biggest casino heists