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The buffer size can vary over time so RVSDI can measure and automatically add latency to the computer's audio output to aid in keeping audio synced with video. For example 10 bit DCI 2K stereo requires extra memory limiting the ring buffer size to a maximum of 4. Make sure you understand aja slot data and video formats your output device will accept.

These can also be set using the prefs by selecting the "Use as Presentation Device" check box.

AJA FR2 overview

This can include the numerical precision as well as color space e. Otherwise, audio will be output through the selected audio device on the computer. The maximum size for HD formats is 6.

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You can be more specific like: This can result in a huge performance win if set up properly. The ring buffer size should be set to the lowest possible value in order to reduce latency.

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Ideally you specify the entire string as it appears in the preferences. In the case of stereo, make sure it can use dual SDI outputs — one for each eye.

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In some cases you may get a GPU to work by increasing the size of the ring buffer. GPUs with one copy engine k are preferable to those with none. The -presentVideoFormat and -presentDataFormat will search for a video or data format that contains the passed in string. Make sure you are using rvsdi on a machine with the proper hardware.

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To force audio output: This option will usually change depending on the sync method. Output Audio to this Device is not checked.

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When the dual stereo output format is selected, the stereo emulation modes will output images for each eye. The Kepler has only a single copy engine so using multithreaded upload is not a good idea on that card when using DVP. Only a left and right channel is supported and each is duplicated. The other stereo emulation modes anaglyph, etc will function with SDI when not using the dual output format.

There are a number of requirements that need to be met in order to obtain best results: The lowest possible value is 2, but in practice 3 or 4 is usually required.

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By putting the DeckLink card in slot 4 which is not serviced by the same controller maximum bandwidth between the two cards can be achieved. This is the only stereo SDI format which we currently support.

AJA FR2D overview

This data format outputs the left and right eyes each on its own SDI output. So for example, anaglyph will output a red left eye image and cyan right eye image for each SDI output.

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When the size is set too small, play back will be slow and stutter. The AJA hardware can output progressive, interlaced, and progressive segmented frame PsF video formats up to x resolution. RVSDI currently will output audio data on the first four audio channels.

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Right and left eye only modes will duplicate the eye on each output. This is especially useful with SDI output because the device can have up to five frames of latency. That mode is for use only by the controller window — it has no effect on the SDI output. The first matching data format to 4: Most projectors will use either a progressive or progressive segmented frame PsF format.

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If the results are not good try turning plum crazy slots multithreaded uploads. However, these may work using non-DVP methods ipbo method.

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These strings are device dependent. Fermi and Quadros and Kepler and Quadros all have dual copy engines. The maximum value is 4 to 6 depending on the format begin used. If you don't see Blackmagic or AJA as an option you may be using the vanilla rv binary or you don't have SDI hardware drivers installed.

If you have additional SDI devices that also buffer frames connected to the output, you may have incorporate that into the total latency in the Configure Latency dialog box. So for SDI you could do:

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