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For possible options see the pages about Offense enchantmentsDefense enchantmentsor, Utility enchantments.

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Utility Slots typically occur on Head, Arms and Feet equipment. Same goes for archons - you cant equip two archons of the same type but you can equip for example: There are two ways of enchanting. You can speed up the training process by contributing an amount of astral diamonds toward their training. Press Unbind button to bring up confirmation dialog.

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The other slots, defense, offense, and utility, fit regular enchantments if they have a matching effect. Every companion has three equipment slots starting with one slot open at rank 1. Once it has gained enough experience points to ascend to the next rank, the "Begin Training" button will appear. You can buy early unlocks of these last two active companion slots with Zen.

Weapon Enhancement Slot

This is the rank of your companion. Costs are based on the level of the item that will have the enchantment removed from it. Level 60 Rare stones with rank 5 and above enchants have an unbinding cost of 1 Costs range from 62 up to 2.

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A neverwinter slot will warn you that you will have to pay an amount in gold if you later decide to Unbind Remove into your Inventory the stone from the slot. Just as if the companion was idle. While there is a limited number of active companion slots, you can have a large number of Idle Companions. Enchantments stored in the bank can be added to items, even though they are not in your inventory.

Epic gear with any rank enchants have a capped cost of 2 Neverwinter slot different slot types are: Notice the Max 20 — this means that the highest rank this companion can achieve is rank Here you can give your companion additional bonuses depending on what kind of slot your companion has.

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Overview[ edit edit source ] Enchantments and Runestones are magic stones that can be neverwinter slot in slots on equipment or companions and they grant additional expo casino dublin 9 and effects depending on the rank and type of stone. Bring up the Item Menu on item with stone and select Enchant Item.

While your companion is training, they will be unable to fight at your side or gain experience.

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Companion slots Unbinding[ edit edit source ] Unbinding a stone from a slot returns the stone to your inventory. Overload enchantment will not fit into ordinary enchantment slots, runestone slots, weapon enhancement slots or armor enhancement slots.

Weapon Enhancement Slots occur only on Main Hand equipment. The overload slot is the blue colored slot.

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The reward is your choice of one of four companions for free. Click on the item button and select Manage Item Enchantments There is a shorter training time for one rank than waiting to train after your companion gains two ranks. You start with three active companion slots, a fourth active companion slot unlocks at Character Level 30, and a fifth active companion slot unlocks at Character Level Most companions can be acquired from the Grand Emporium in Protectors Enclave, or from the Zen market.

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This would save the cost of gold spent on Unbinding. Overload enchantments can only be slotted in an overload slot neverwinter slot certain armors.

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Some Companions of the same type or with neverwinter slot active bonuses can not be equipped in the active companions slots — for example: As your companion gains in rank, they will gain additional costumes or skins at ranks 10, 20 and Slots[ edit edit source ] A weapon and armor enchantment can only be slotted into either the weapon enhancement slot of weapon or the armor enhancement slot of a body armor.

Press Remove to pay the fee and unbind stone. While your companion fights at your side, it will gain experience.

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Both starts with Right clicking the item, select Manage Item Enchantments As your companion gains ranks, the other two slots will unlock at rank 10 and rank Armor Enhancement Slots occur only on Armor equipment. Then you can either drag and drop a stone from Inventory or click Slot button to select from a list.

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As your companion gains ranks, the other two slots will unlock at rank 15 and rank The time that the companion is unavailable for while in training is accumulative. Mouse over them for details.

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Overload Slot?