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I have problems with 2 discs in my neck and the pain is through the roof. It changes our bodies in was you wouldnt even imagine.

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With endless supply comes a means to an end and those of us that continue to turn to opiates for long time pain relief and I mean those of us with jobs and kids and presumably some life left to live we would only be fooling our selfs to think it is ok to take this stuff.

As a side note methadone and Suboxone are replace one thing for another if you want out get the F out.

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I spent 4 days in and came home not having slept at all. I feel like if you need medical treatment, too bad! I just do not know where to turn. For over 2yrs now I have been unable to work, I am getting divorced didn't see that coming!

Notspent Let me start out by saying that I have been on some form of opiate for the past 15 years. Lol and I now have fybromyalgia, osteoarthritis in my hands, arthritis in my entire spine and body, degenerative disc disease, painful cysts on my wrists, neck pain, and chronic fatigue syndrome.

I will disclose this in closing I am in the medical field with many years of education to do the job I do. I was married to my sons' father until 2yrs ago and he believed that the gym was the answer to all problems.

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Addiction is such an awful thig to deal with-not only for the person but for those who care. Due to trouble with prescription I stopped taking, still have a few but stopped cold turkey just to see if I had the power.

Then add the withdrawal symptoms, which I have experienced before when I would try to see if my quality of life would be affected by going of my medicine.

Folks the truth is that if you want a life back you have casino vicoin get rid of anything opiate.

I can tell you all slot art skate everyone has there breaking point with this stuff and odds are you will tire of the trouble of obtaining your scrips as your tolerance increases. So if you are going to quit make the proper arrangements and do it safe trying to detox at home one of 3 things usually happens you start up again you end up in the hospital or the worst dead.

Is there someone above her that you can go to with your concerns? My potassium dropped to a value of 2. I wish everyone strength find it where you can not to be corny but sometimes it is found in the smallest of places if you hang in there. I would say that short of complete loss of access eveeryone will self medicate it is only a matter of time years months.

I knew that I won't I was prepared for this but this was tough and I did make it through. The good news is that with strength and some form of a support system this can all end if you want it to.

She is probably feeling shame as it is, so you definitely don't want someone to feel "attacked" or "accused" in any way. When I was 14, I was in a car wreck and fractured my lower back.

My rim's and X-ray's do not lie!

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Anyone have any ideas? In many situations, employers will help recommend rehabilitation and insurance may even cover it.

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It is and i repeat up to you and only you. He gave me 4 months to find a new Dr before dropping me. It would be easier for me to get heroin then it would be for me to get a Dr!! He had me on oxycodone 10 mg and oxycontin 30 mg for pain and Robaxin for muscle spasms, prozac and blood pressure medication.

I know I am co-Dependant on my medication, but it is truly the only answer for me until I can get a new surgeon to help majestic slots review. When I am in a lot of pain my blood pressure sores!

I didn't like my son to see me so sick.

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Also, from the pain I am depressed. I was sick for days and eventually gave in. Over the past 7 years, all of my back issues forced me to stop lifting weights and my activity level has declined dramatically!! I have even been to the hospital and they treat my like a druggie.

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What alternatives are there? I am a 37 yr old mother of one 10 yr old son, who is amazing! Remember your life dose depend on this so you will need to make the time to get better.

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One of the things that helped me with the depression was the focus for me 15 years! Then they tell me I have called 40 physicians in the past few months all over the State!!

While it was rough I did it over a weekend. How am I going to go through life in agony and with severely high blood pressure?

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But my question is this: You are on your own! Before my Dr dropped me, I have tried to find a Dr to treat me but the first thing they ask me when I call to schedule is "Do you suffer from chronic pain or from anxiety? Don't ask how I had the access cause I am not going to tell you but let's just say if you guys knew how dirt cheap this stuff really is you wouldnt believe.

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