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The knight's position on the map can only be seen if the player is carrying a specific Charm. The player will need to buy specific items to complete maps, to see points of interestand to place markers.

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Instead of erupting into Void she disappears into nothing leaving behind only the Delicate Flower with a drop of Void on one petal. Initially the player can only use Soul to "Focus" and regenerate mask shards, but as the game progresses the player unlocks several offensive spells, which consume Soul.

The Radiance, angered that its kingdom would forget it, resulted in a plague that manifested as the Infection seen through the Knight's quest driving bug and beast mad. Thus, it was eventually ravaged by The Radiance and thus Infection began to spread anew. As the journey goes further through the forgotten kingdom, the Knight encounters the possessed and violent remnants of Hallownest's former residents and other creatures, slowly being overcome by an infection that emanates from a sealed Temple.

It plays out the same as Embrace the Void only when the Godseeker is seen in Hallownest she is holding the Delicate Flower. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

These characters provide information about the game's plot or lore, offer aid, and sell items or services. Through the Dream Nail the player Knight is able to access their minds and break the seals.

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The Void Heart is a unique charm said to "Unify the Void under its bearer's will". The Knight also encounters Hornet, the self-proclaimed protector of Hallownest's ruins, who attempts to stop the Knight's quest. Hornet is seen standing by the Temple of the Black Egg as the tendrils of Plague turn black.

As the darkness from the Temple fades, Hornet wakes to find the player Knight's shell broken and empty, implying it has sacrificed itself and returned to the Void. After acquiring the Void Heart ending one is no longer possible.

It brings about various optimizations, changes to the color palette, bug fixes, minor additions as well as a new boss fight. As the Knight continues their quest, the history of Hallownest and the Knight itself is revealed. When the knight takes damage from an enemy or from the environment, a mask is destroyed.

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The King granted sentience to the bugs who were not ruled by The Radiance thereby declaring himself king and establishing the 66 casino number of Hallownest. One such Vessel was deemed worthy and dubbed the "Hollow Knight" by the King to be the protector of Hallownest.

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