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Invoked in the Shadowhunters episode "The Mortal Cup". All anyone cares about is the helpless little blonde. Logan Huntzberger of Gilmore Girls is a non-monogamous ladies' man who is more interested in women and partying than taking over his father's company. Rachel becomes blonde as she rises through the fashion industry, fitting the glamorous and sophisticated version of this trope.

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Her beauty also leads to quite a lot of jealousy and hate from the other girls. Saddam gains the blonde Samira as his new mistress, so his brunette wife Sajida dyes her hair blonde as well to be noticed by Saddam.

Isabel in Only Ever Yoursthe most beautiful of the eves in her year, so much so that the Father chose her as his own future wife when she was first designed. He even has a dog with gold fur and blue eyes. Tidus clearly invokes this as part of his star Blitzball player image.

In Little House on the PrairieLaura's older sister had been fawned over for her blonde hair ever since childhood. Foggy has a thing for blondes. Gamer Andy, with her dark golden locks, is neutral.

Lovingly based off Kim Basinger, Samus as badass planet busting bounty hunter, is still the most cable and strongest Nintendo women. Amy March in Little Women always knew that she would marry a man with money. Peach has attracted dozens of men across the games. Almost all of Angel's love interests have been blondes. She can really do it because she is, as described by the author, a 'regular snow-maiden' with curly golden hair and blue eyes, 'pale and slender', and 'always carrying herself' like a very proper young lady.

Mary ellen wille casino wig Rafe's wife tease him about his type: Beautiful with sun-streaked blond silky hair, blue-green eyes, and a tiny dimple in the left cheek, Jessica of Sweet Valley High is easily one of the most beautiful and popular girls in the school. Lampshaded in one book where Kristy reminisces about how she first met Shannon whom she intensely disliked at first and snarks about the trope in relation to Shannon and her friends, who are all blonde.

Dan Schneider seems to love this for his shows.: The curare la dipendenza da slot machine portrays the singer as complete airhead who gets everything she wants because of her hair color and other physical attributes. Daredevil gives us Karen Pagewho is Matt's main love interest.

Aunt Hilda in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Notably when the stable split, Madison Rayne became a brunette. Rebecca Romjin and Jennifer Lawrence. Buffy, Darla, Nina, and Cordy went blonde when they got together. Holly from Breakfast at Tiffany's is a beautiful blonde woman who men adore.

While she fits the trope most, both Sabrina and Zelda are shown to be popular and fun loving as well. This left Laura self-conscious due to having "average" brown hair. Spike was hinted at as well. Jack and Martha pull this out as the reason for the Doctor's exceptional attachment to Rose.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes made into a Marilyn Monroe movieof course.

Trish's status as this led to WWE trying to recreate her success with other blonde women in later years. Dr Molly Clock from Scrubs - blonde and attracts most of the hospital. Gossip Girl deconstructs this with Serena. Letitia in I Shall Wear Midnight comes across as this, especially to Tiffany who's predisposed to dislike her, but in fact is a potential witch frustrated that blonde noblewomen don't get to be the witch, just as Tiffany was once frustrated that brunette cheesemakers don't get to be the princess.

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Both of them seem to always be surrounded by suitors. She attracts the eye of the unnamed protagonist, though in his case it's purely platonic.

You're a silly, useless Barbie, just like my sister. An episode with a Bad Future shows that Prue has become a super successful businesswoman, and she's also got waist-length blonde hair. But being helpless only works when there's someone around to save you. Notably Trish did have two heel runs, but they were both very short in comparison to her face pushes.

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Fleur Delacoure, partly due the Veela sirens blood in her veins, nearly all the boys in Hogwarts were drooling over her, and she won he hearts of both Ron slots machine super spy Bill Best gambling spots in the world. He's a natural brunet but dyes his hair blond.

Mystique really loves to take the form of a very sexy blond e. Fanservice angle to get sponsors. It's stated that because of this trope blondes usually rank highest in the Euro-Zone, to the chagrin of black-haired megan slots jackpot, who has spent her entire life trying to beat out isabel to first place. Narcissa Malfoy, but as Harry points out she'd be a lot more beautiful, if she didn't look so disgusted.

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Literature Animorphs has Rachel who appears to be just a pretty face as she is tall, graceful, blond haired, blue eyed, and glamorous but her fearlessness makes her more than that. Blonde Phoebe is the free spirit and fun-loving member of the group.

But does that matter? Discussed in Darkest Powers when Tori rants about Chloe's hair and how it reminds her of her sister: The Babysitters Club has two girls from out of state: Cullen Moorland of A Brother's Pricethough he's a muddy blond when it's not dyed. She's also cynically aware that she'll get handed lots of things such as college scholarships purely because of her beauty rather than any merit of her own.

She had previously played a different type of blonde in WCW.

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Gippal, leader of the Machine Faction. Both of them are blonde

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