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Head blackjack 160 racquet. Customer Reviews

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I noticed the head heavy racquet were giving me wrist discomfort. The ball was going where I wanted it to on my setups, but felt the control especially when I hit touch and drop shots.

He concluded "This balance made it easy to place the ball accurately, whether I was setup or reacting.

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I was curious and ordered a demo of the Hades. He went on to add, "Power is an important aspect of a racquet for me, but control is just as important. I demoed both the Black Jack and the Royal Flush. Croft was on the same page saying, "I was expecting the racquet to have good feel to it, and it does. I lowered the tension to 35 for power. It took some getting use to at first because it was so light.

Then I started weight training again. The Black Widow has head blackjack 160 racquet power than any other I've ever hit. I highly recommend this racquet. That being said, I felt like my swing was generating a lot of power, so a players with a slower swing speed will probably want a heavier frame.

Please include any relevant information such as string type and tension, skill level and style of play.

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I found the Blackjack a great doubles front court racquet because of it's light feel and then I worked with it's light weight to shoot off the glass. Alex City, State, Country: If you demo don't go just by how you play. Light enough in the head to get it around quickly, but heavy enough to generate the power I need.

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It's just too easy to snap your wrist and take crazy shots. Tecnifibre HPR 18ga 34lbs. In fact, to me the Great White is MUCH better at everything with the only similar feature being the level of power I was able to generate seemed about equal on both racquets.

I have used pro kennex and ektelon for the most part. I might be able to play 2 games, 3 max with the BJ and I have tons of endurance. A String type and tension: String never weighs more than 25 grams, so if there is more than a 25 gram variance between Unstrung Weight and Strung Weight then the manufacturer most likely measured the Unstrung Weight of the raw graphite frame i.

It's fairly durable as well.

HEAD Black Jack 160 Racquet Customer feedback

Forehand or back hand produced low hard shots consistently. Very impressive raquet, if a little on the light side for me at Elite String type and tension: Although not necessary, it's interesting to have a first name, city, state and country no email addresses will be used.

The racquet doesn't have enough inertia to make such a tight string bed hit well. Lacks in balance though if not hit perfect everytime the racquet punishes you with a skip or a over hit ball. Amazing combination of lightweight, balance, control, power, accuracy, durability this thing is nearly indestructible!

With the continuation of the CT2 Technology, and addition of Head's super lightweight and powerful Innegra Technology, the Black Widow will play more powerful than any of Head's previous gram racquets. No regerts ;- From: It is the best racquet I have ever used.

I can say first hand that the Hades feels less balanced, heavier and not as accurate. Croft ended saying, "If you have a quick swing speed and like a light, powerful racquet, this is the racquet you're looking for. The ultra stiff frame added power but roulette band bangalore a little of the feel out for me.

I tried the Hear Great White. It's held up to a handful of racquet-to-racquet collisions and wall strikes.

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I demoed the Black Jack at the Outdoor Nationals this year and last year. Read about the Head Scorpion Racquet Read about the Head Cobra Racquet The choice of 2 ranked professional Rocky Carson, the Head Black Widow is designed with a combination of maximum power, control, and durability in mind.

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I've played with Head racquets for a few years now, and it's noticeably more powerful than the Blackjack. Still is my primary racquet and I love playing with it! While the Harrow, surprisingly, was the one we enjoyed playing the most, the Great White was a very close 2nd for me.

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The felt to heavy for me at the time. I picked the FH by swinging at the air repeatedly as a comparison. I now own two Head Black Jacks, all you have to do is try one. I had a Head i racquet for about 18 months when the frame cracked. The strings could be jacked up on the better racquet. I was confident the ball was going exactly where I wanted it. I felt a little less feedback than other years, but head blackjack 160 racquet needed to put in a dampener to minimize the vibration.

It continues to allow me to be the best player I can be as I've steadily improved now to be consistently invited into A team member doubles matches. Paired with Ashaway UltraKill 17, the racquet does everything I ask of it. A long term follow up to my previous review.

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