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This brand new Airtex Fuel Pump does not seem to hold pressure once the pump and Engine is shut off. Harry Wed, 04 Nov Then I realized that the eject button the one you pull back to open the door actually happened to be stuck in the wrong position I cannot emphasize this enough! Posted 03 April - Some people I am sure do not follow the dilution recommendations on the bottle and instead of adding a bottle to 10 or 20 gallons of gas, they simply add it to whatever is in the tank and run a concentrated solution through the system.

I had to buy a new Gasket from the Dealership and re-do the job. Close the door and if it doesn't stick hold the door in and let the camera pull the cartridge compartment down The camera should now work fine apart from the door not sticking by itself which you now may have to hold manually for it to go downhowever if this hasn't worked, read what I said above if you've skipped all of that and see what I did prior to that as it may have made a difference.

Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won't Close with C:32:11 Error Code

Why then would this develop and worsen over time? But what is your warranty? Once the pump was out of the tank, we found that the Crimp style clamp holding the Flex hose onto the actual pump inside of the Pump assembly, inside of the tank was loose and probably leaking fuel and pressure back into the tank.

Mon, 30 Nov The number One biggest and simplest thing we can do, as I already stated, is to regularly change the fuel filter.

I took to sony. Turn the knob to the ON position, not tape mode etc 4. Tape ejected fine but now the door has been stuck open for weeks. It did for us as we were 777 dragon casino flash to throw two fairly new cameras away.

It is tough to hold the wires to contact the tiny leads on the motor.

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I've had an Airtex pump in my car for a couple of years: That means an extra day of waiting for me. And therefore it was this post that halped me: Once a year as a rule. You will be ahead in the long run. Also inspect the various hoses, lines and clamps and replace anything that could cause small leaks.

The fuel pump that I bought with the bad gaskets was a Bosch. Accepting a tape seemed to be intermittant and at the camera's whim. Any harder and I will surely break this thing, well, break it worse than it already is.

Now I got error C: An S10 pump, while it is possible to cram into a Blazer tank, does not work well in Blazers - The gas gauge is incorrect - Guy at Napa gave me the wrong one - Joy of Joys Now, I've never had an Airtex pump, but I did replace my original unit with a Carter assembly. I couldn't have asked for anything better. Simon Thu, 24 Sep slot technician forums Wed, 14 Oct Sat, 05 Sep Dave Tue, 01 Dec I did what everyone suggested, and about 3 hours later, I finaly got it to work.

Dan Wed, 14 Oct Then just remove the power lead and you should hear a little click as if something has just moved into place.

So I need it repair free of change Thanks for the tip here. Who knows how often such fixes will be necessary, but for now the camera is working and I'm sending back the Canon HV40 that I ordered on Saturday and can't really afford.

I've had some preliminary success with this on my HDR-HC7 and a C-battery with wires taped on though this doesn't seem to give it full power -- it moves slowly. So I pushed it to the ON position not again for tape mode or anything etc and did the reset button again and just put the power lead in and pushed the door in and it worked and the camera acted as if it was brand new because of the proper reset!

Double check and inspect the new pump and gasket and make sure everything is the same. It won't close the door.

Mon, 13 Jul I have tried all above Since I used 1. I will be more confident on working on my in-house monitors. Fixed by pressing the reset button which is found by folding out the LCD door and looking beside the Self Timer button. Rick Norwood My husband tried the wacking motion and it didn't work, now my tape door is stuck in the camera and I can't get it to pop up.

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That worked for me anonymous Sun, 18 Oct This is so much easier to do when the tank is out. It just confused me that the bit where it shows the User that made a post is at the bottom of their post and not at the top. Putting your foot on the brake or the gas pedal vs.

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I did it several times and was at least able to check out my tapes. It was thanks to JFlyswatter post that I fixed the problem! A minor detail here; I have a 2 door Blazer, which uses a different housing than the 4 door.

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I also depressed the "reset" button found underneath the LCD display for good measure Always replace the Fuel filter at least once a year. I think I have a solution that may fix most of your problems.

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It's fun and it's mostly easy. Too much back pressure kills these pumps. Dave Mon, 30 Nov I learned a lot from you in the class. The real solution is to locate which gear in the camera is sticking and resolve that issue. But now that I have a way to retract the carriage, I may mess around with this a bit more. Given the number of messages above this appears to be an inherent design fault, and I'd expect my Sony to work for well beyond three years.

Always replace the Fuel Filter when you replace the Fuel Pump. Please if anyone can offer advice to the specific mechanism that is failing here, I would greatly appreciate it.

Push the reset button with a pen or something for 15 seconds 5. Sony will not admit to the processor error, but have removed it from all models since mid !

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It's just new to me as a concept but even today's Specialists baffle me and many others who see them on a regular basis. Next, I put the DC power back in, but it still did not work I think slot technician forums I'll try hitting it a bit harder, maybe with the 8 lb wood splitting axe I have in the garage.

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Bite the bullet and do it right the first time. Now the tape door latches, closes and slides into the body. Allow me to introduce my self.

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