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In the final episode 7one team chose to answer a question on this round leaving the other team with 'Sitcom Graveyard'.

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It's both cocky and a joke on cockiness. Both teams are shown stills of comedy films with the actors' flesh removed. It's a fantastic piece of work. He says that he doesn't have tattoos, but before actually addressing that premise, he spends three minutes explaining what the subway is, and then describing, with incredible specificity, what great shape this one guy was in and how kind said guy is to his grandma on Christmas.

Silvestri will introduce a topic only to divert from it early and often.

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Sitcom Graveyard episodes 1—3, 5 and 7: Chelsea Peretti, One of the Greats Chelsea Peretti has the most singular comedic voice of any stand-up of this generation. No, Cenac uses the borough as a lens through which he can explore race, gentrification, aging, and, most effectively, his personal history.

It's part of his stage persona as the most huggable comedian in the world. Tennant asks quick-fire questions for any panelist to buzz in and answer. Over years of doing comedy, writing on shows like Parks and Recreation, and owning social media, Comedy casino cup 2014 has separated herself from her peers.

Buress is no longer a star-to-be; he is one. Tompkins's move where he introduces an idea and then goes back on it, only to double back to the original thought. Kilgariff's songs are funny and sad and bittersweet, and most important, they're undeniably genuine.

All of this is perfectly captured in One of the Greats, Peretti's first hourlong special, which premiered on Netflix in November. Try not to fall for his charms. Rounds[ edit ] The following are the rounds in the order they are played during each episode unless noted, they feature in all episodes: With surprising poignancy, Cenac trenchantly captures the diversity and lunacy of living in Brooklyn.

This was also the year Buress told a joke that led to the complete reexamination of Bill Cosby, but hopefully, when people comedy casino cup 2014 back at Buress's career at this point, they'll remember his terrific special.

The Young Ones episodes 1—3, 5—7: As the man behind Bob's Burgers' breakout star Tina Belcher, Mintz has proven week after week that it's funny when he says basically anything. It also creates a false sense of security, which Funches capitalizes on with deftly absurd material.

One team reads out three sitcom plots with only one of them being real, the other team has to work out which is real. That's what Kilgariff, a staple of the alt-comedy scene and former cast member of Mr. Hannibal Buress, Live From Chicago For the better part of the last five years, Hannibal Buress was "the guy" — specifically, the guy older comedians would always reference when asked about their favorite up-and-comers Peretti was usually the other comedian most referenced.

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I'll it put this way: In the final episode 7one team chose to answer a question on 'Mind Your Language' leaving the other team with this round. There is a perception of one-liner comedians as being less performance- and persona-focused than their counterparts, but that seems incorrect to me.

Onstage, she's a tangle of contradictions: It's a real joy. The Stranger is 45 minutes of rapid-fire one-liners —well, as rapid-fire as his deadpan allows. He doesn't care about being right, because being right isn't funny.

It's reminiscent of Paul F. Cenac's special, which he released on Netflix, is about Brooklyn the concept.

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Cenac straddles the line between old Brooklyn and new, talking from the perspective of a successful young comedian as well as from that of the guy who grew up visiting his grandmother's shitty apartment in Crown Heights.

It's why the special's title, One of the Greats, which comes from a popular refrain of Peretti's, is so perfect. This doesn't make it less funny, just a different sort of funny. Buress has settled into his style, effortlessly melding the laid-back, absurd observation stuff he's known for with longer, more ambitious bits.

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I know I'm a fucking moron. Instead of normal audience-cutaway shots, One of the Greats cuts to fictional audience reactions — of a dog; of Peretti dressed as a clown; of a guy shouting, "You're my favorite female comedian, Chelsea. A member of each team is given one minute to answer quick-fire questions on a specific category. A child performs a stand-up routine based on a comedian, the teams have to identify the comedian the child is imitating.

He doesn't try to set the world on fire with the hottest takes; he simply goes onstage and is himself. A clip is shown to the teams and paused at a cliffhanger moment, the teams must say what follows on the clip.

Insanely quick and impeccably structured, this audio special seamlessly cuts through several juicy topics — a chunk about doing comedy for the troops in Iraq shifts to generally talking about conflict and how she's avoided it shifts to a bit about masculinity, and that shifts to Kashian talking about her dad, vlt slots online shifts into a section about her marriage — while picking off smaller quirks along the way: Often you'll see comedians joke about their struggles and anxieties, but by the time it gets to the special, the presentation is far removed from the issue.

Live From Chicago felt like a shift: Wyatt Cenac, Brooklyn The title here doesn't only reflect the setting. Each team is shown television clips and have to work out the year they were first broadcast as well as identify the theme tune played throughout. Both are absurdists, driven to mess with and subvert the form but are still sure to be funny.

Mintz succeeds by packing all of his comedic voice into each and every one of his well-written, dark punch lines. Once a team names the comedy casino cup 2014 they are then given a related question to answer. Because boy, Dan Mintz has a lot of jokes. If every comedian is playing a character himself or herselfPeretti's is the most complicated and richly rendered. Dan Mintz, The Stranger It makes sense for Mintz to release an audio special, as millions of people are already in love with his voice.

I can just giggle and you guys are onboard. There are some really great, really weird jokes here. A large black man wearing a purple-cashmere sweater and a giant smile, Funches has a slow yet undeniably confident cadence abs cbn time slot sunday draws the listener in.

The result in both cases is a unique sense of spontaneity and freshness. It might not comedy casino cup 2014 the joke-jokes of a Mindy Project, but there is a pleasant hum of comedy throughout, the sort that is more likely to cause you to smile than guffaw.

Bona Fide shows Morgan at his most bighearted and ridiculous. And Burr is funny. Book Group episode 4: They'll do ten minutes on their depression, but that depression is not actually seen onscreen.

This doesn't mean it's just an hour of hipster jokes. That's not to say that Dan Mintz doesn't have jokes, by the way.

Comedy casino cup 2014