Her er de vigtigste spilleregler inden for craps i kronologisk rækkefølge:

Craps spilleregler. Spilleregler trumf

The cards are played in front of the players, as in duplicate. John Paton has produced a slide show version of the above example - it is available as an Open Office presentation and as a Powerpoint presentation.

Both sides' scores are then totalled and if the game is being played for money, the side with the higher score wins an amount proportional to the difference in scores from the side with the lower score.

Han eller hun vil som regel sidde med en knap eller andet, der indikerer, at dette er dealeren. This score depends on the declarer's side's vulnerability, and whether the contract was doubled or redoubled, as follows: The more modern scheme, which has the non-dealing side vulnerable as shown above, tends to lead to more competitive bidding. Longer matches are normally split into two or more segments or stanzas after each of which there may be craps spilleregler break and an opportunity to change seats.

But instead of bidding in the usual way, in Minibridge each player in turn, beginning with the dealer, simply announces his or her point count. Overall we are 15 IMPs ahead on those four boards. In this case the results for the East-West pairs and the North-South pairs are separate, and there are two winning pairs. A bid, natural or artificial, which by agreement requires the player's partner to respond with a bid, rather than pass and allow the contract to be played, is called a forcing bid.

Other scores, such as bonuses for tricks made in excess of the contract overtricksor penalties for tricks short of the contract undertricks are entered above the line, and do not count towards winning the game. The BridgeHands site provides an indexed encyclopedia of Bridge terms, summaries of popular craps spilleregler systems, a copy of the laws, some book reviewed and other resources.

Each trick is gathered together and turned face down when complete, but you may ask to see the cards and ask who played which card until you or your partner has craps spilleregler to the next trick.

Types of Bridge

Minibridge Minibridge is a simplified version of Bridge that was introduced in Europe in the 's as a teaching aid for new players. This archive copy of Zar Petkov's former Zar Points web site explains his hand evaluation method and the theory behind it.

Similarly, if South instead bids three spades after the mandatory pause, he gives North no clue as to craps spilleregler he was considering a pass instead. Since the early 21st century, however, computer controlled dealing machines have become widely available. Et vindende pass line bet giver lige penge 1 to 1. For natural bids, players commonly have agreements on the number of cards held in a bid suit: In this example the "above the line" scores were entered starting immediately above the line and working upwards.

You may ask to look at the cards played to a trick by the other players as long as your own card is face up.

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It is important to notice that, starting from zero and in the absence of doubles, to make a game in one hand you need to succeed in a contract of at least three no trumps, four spades, four hearts, five clubs or five diamonds.

Place Bets Der er to typer plads place bets: The cards played by each player are overlapped, with craps spilleregler longer axis of the card pointing to the winners craps spilleregler the trick i.

Spilleregler trumf

Partners sit facing each other. Duplicate Bridge procedure and ethics During a duplicate event, where play will be in progress at several tables at the same time, it is important that players do not see, overhear or otherwise take an interest in the play at the other tables. North is then responsible for entering the result and showing the completed sheet to East-West to check that it has been done correctly.

During each deal, the dealer's partner shuffles the other pack and places it to the right. Bommerlommer is a slightly old-fashioned Danish slang word for money. Provided all the players understand and operate it, this procedure saves time and helps to remember whose turn it is to deal, as the spare pack of cards is always to the left of the next dealer.

As each table finishes their 6 boards they are passed to the other table to be replayed. We then count our high card points and discover that between us we had Taber man, ryger man helt ud. Dealeren har givet kort, og det er nu spiller 2, der skal starte runden ud med enten at checke, raise eller folde.

Unauthorised information This is information which you obtain in some other way than as a legitimate deduction from the bidding and play. They should be declared on the convention card, and may be asked about during the play.

Example of an auction North dealt: The movement will be organised by the director in such a way that no one ever plays boards they have played before, or against opponents they have played before. S deals, E-W vul 60 c 4. Each team consists of two partnerships, and you need two tables - preferably in separate rooms so that players cannot overhear events at the other table.

Eventually, with practice, additional bets will be learned and result in a deeper understanding of the game for more established Craps players. Before starting the players agree how many boards will be played - this could be 24, 32, 48 or more, depending on the seriousness of the match and the time available. North bids "one spade" East bids "stop; three hearts" South pauses and then passes If South had been planning to bid two spades, say, then he might need time after East's unexpected jump to decide whether a three spade bid would now be appropriate.

Nowadays it is increasingly common for scores to be entered directly into a computer terminal at the table. For example, suppose we are East-West, and on the second deal of a Chicago we bid three hearts and make 10 tricks.

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The reason behind this is that after a jump bid the next player may have reason to hesitate, as your unexpectedly high bid might have disrupted the course of action which that player was planning. In either case the dealer's partner is dummy. It is also legal, and not unusual, for the declarer to play dummy's cards by physically taking them from dummy's hand rather than just calling for them.

These scores are of course not yet the final scores. The IMPs can only be filled in when this card is compared with one of the cards from the other room. That way you can easily see how many tricks craps spilleregler have won.

Suppose we are partners and play a hand of Duplicate Bridge as North-South. Partnership agreement and conventions As in most card games, partners are forbidden to convey information to each other by talking, gestures, facial expression, etc.

This should not be construed as an accusation of cheating - the purpose of calling the director is simply to ensure that the irregularity is sorted out fairly and in accordance with the rules. Scoring As its name suggests, Rubber Bridge is played in rubbers.

Although on table 1 our North-South pair defeated West's 5 diamonds, on table 2 with the same cards our East-West pair allowed North to play and make 4 hearts. During the play, the cards are not played in the centre of the table but in front of the players.

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Duplicate Bridge In Rubber Bridgealthough the better players have a noticable edge and will undoubtedly win in the long run, the outcome of a single rubber depends heavily on which side is dealt the better cards. Et par i form af to ens tal.

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For this comparison to be fair, it is necessary that each group of players who play the same deal should start from the same position. I am told that in many North American tournaments "pickup slips" were used instead of travellers - that is, there was an individual score slip for each table in each round.

Et enkelt spil med mange muligheder

When bids with certain specific meanings are made, the bidder's partner must say a specific phrase that explains the meaning of the bid. A standard 52 card pack is used. However, one should note that there are more than 40 additional Craps bets, some of which are more complicated than others. Boards An almost essential piece of apparatus for playing Duplicate Bridge is a set of duplicate boards, and a pack of cards for each board.

This allows the dummy player to leave the table during the play of the hand. Score for making the contract For a successful contract, the score below the line for each trick in excess of 6 bid and made is craps spilleregler follows: As South is forced to pause, North gets no clue as to whether the jump gave South a problem.

The procedure about the number of segments in a match and the choice of seats for each segment may be laid down by the organiser of the event - otherwise it needs to be agreed between the team captains. These machines physically sort the playing cards and place them in the boards ready to be played.

David Stevenson's Bridge Page has a collection of articles, stories, information and useful links. This means that if you are involved in any kind of close decision you ought to take the action opposite to the one indicated by the information from your partner. Dummy takes no active part in the play of the hand.

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If they took 7 tricks the other side would score These can be configured to provide or not to provide information about previous results for that board, and can be set to ask the person entering the details to also record the opening lead. A bid of a larger number of tricks always beats a bid of a smaller number, and if the number of tricks bid are equal, the higher suit beats the lower.

This is traditional, at least in Britain, but not necessary - you can start at the top, just below the WE-THEY headings, and work downwards if you prefer. For example instead of players announcing their points, each player writes on a slip of paper the number of points and the number of cards held in each suit.

At the end of the play, the high card points held by each side are counted, according to the following craps spilleregler

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