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At the end of her section is the spell Flare. She challenges Yuna to a duel of aeons. Edit Tidus near the beginning of his section of the grid. Yuna can visit the temples of Yevon at this point to speak to the fayth, and Bahamut's fayth urges Yuna to call on the aeons for the final battle.

Sections Edit The Sphere Grid is roughly divided into seven sections, one for each party member.

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Sin explodes on the skies of Spira and the fayth can finally rest. They escape, but Yuna must battle a fellow summoner, Isaaruin a contest of aeons, though she emerges victorious. A selected character's path is highlighted in their grid color. An unlocked node is unlocked for all characters regardless of who opened it.

As Home is being invaded, the summoners fend off against the invaders by summoning aeons, but in the end the town is obliterated. The hidden Remiem Temple is only accessed on a chocobo where Yuna discovers Belgemine is an unsent, and obtains the ultimate aeon Magus Sisters.

Kimahri's section contains Lancetwhich allows him to learn Ronso Rage abilities from certain enemies, and support abilities like Jinx blackjack m125 heavy hunter knife Scan.

Wakka learns many special attacks that let him inflict status ailments on enemies, such as Dark Attack and Silence Attack.

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The amount of AP needed to generate Sphere Levels increases progressively until the character has acquired S. At the end of her section is the spell Holy. With all the aeons killed Yu Yevon has nowhere to hide, and the party destroys him for good. Yuna is being forced to marry Seymour in Bevelle, but she feigns to commit suicide and jumps off the cathedral tower. Wakka's grid contains two Black Magic spells— Drain and Osmose.

Yuna's pilgrimage takes her through Luca where fiends invade the blitzball stadium during the final game of the tournament, and Maester Seymour Guado summons Anima to destroy them. Yuna and the crowd are in awe, and Yuna comments on Seymour's aeon's power.

This is further supported by the connection between Seymour's mother and her aeon Anima. Skip section Ixion's fayth.

These marks are visible no matter which character is selected. At the end of his section is the special attack Triple Foul. His section includes "break" abilities like Power Break and Armor Breakwhich lower enemy stats, and defensive abilities such as Sentinel and Guard.

Ultimately, every node on the Sphere Grid may be accessed by every character. When moving about the Sphere Grid, the character may move one node forward for each S.

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Aeons are powerful creatures only a summoner can use in battle. The unsent spirit Shuyin possesses the fayth on the Farplane and sends their aeons to Spira to attack the temples.

Though all nodes need a sphere to be activated, spheres can have more uses than solely activating a node. The aeons give the summoner the undying loyalty for one thing in return: The party eventually discovers Seymour had murdered his father to succeed him as Maester, and when they confront him Seymour summons Anima to vanquish them.

Kimahri's section is in the center of the Sphere Grid and contains a variety of nodes. He is adept at killing lightly-armored enemies, but flying enemies often have too much Evasion for him to hit, and most of his weapons cannot pierce through armored enemies. His grid color is red.

Key Spheres come in four levels and can open a locked node of the corresponding level. Tidus's grid section runs into Yuna's.

The fayth are likely the aeons themselves, or otherwise are in control of them, as evidenced when Bahamut's fayth encourages Yuna to call the aeons in her battle with Yu Yevonsaying: Yuna's grid contains many healing White Magic spells, such as Cure spells, Regen and Esunaand buffing spells like Reflect and Shell.

She summons Valefor mid-air who flies Yuna to the Bevelle Temple where she obtains Bahamut, but Yuna and her guardians are arrested for aggression toward a Maester, and banished to the dungeons below Conjunto casino amalia batista. Instead, the party decides to invade Sin's innards with the airship to destroy Yu Yevon directly.

Edit Wakka's Sphere Grid. At the end ffx 4 slot armor tidus his section is Quick Hit. His grid color is yellow. Lulu's section also has the support skills FocusReflex and Doublecast.

Rikku has the highest Agility and her grid has many HP and Agility nodes. At the end of her section is the ability Bribe. However, if the summoner summons the Final Aeon to vanquish Sin, Yu Yevon at its core possesses the Final Aeon, killing the summoner, and turns the Final Aeon into a new Sin, perpetuating an endless cycle.

Many summoners can communicate with any one fayth to establish a mental link with them enabling them to then summon the fayth's aeon, but only one summoner can call on a particular fayth's power at any one time.

Yuna summons Valefor for the first time. Her grid color is purple.

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Each node is connected by up to seven paths in cardinal and intercardinal directions. Their souls depart the fayth statues to the Farplane and aeons disappear from Spira. Aeons are the physical realization of the fayth 's dreams. Yuna runs into Belgemine again for another aeon duel in the Calm Landsand finds the hidden aeon Yojimbo from the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. This is why during the aeon duels two of the same aeon cannot battle one casino southwest colorado. The Standard grid is slightly different from the original grid, with extra branches and nodes to fit the new abilities.

In the Expert grid characters start in the middle and the player must decide which path each character will follow. Isaaru and his aeon.

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On the Al Bheds' airshipthe Fahrenheitthe party finds Baaj where Seymour had sealed Anima's fayth, and Yuna obtains her as an aeon. During their escape from the temple Yuna and her guardians run into Sin who whisks them away to Bikanel desert where they find the hidden Al Bhed town of Home and the summoners the Al Bhed had kidnapped to stop their pilgrimage.

After the onset of the Eternal Calm summoners can no longer call forth aeons. Yuna doesn't want to perpetuate Spira's suffering in this manner and discards Final Summoning as a false rite. Rikku's grid section runs into Lulu's.

Red Spheres are the most common sphere used to activate most of the nodes on the grid to increase basic stats.

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