Msl slot. My THOR Powered SKYMAX PPG Quad

To be msl slot to get this cable lock's allen set screw set where I wanted it, I drilled the added hole in the side of the throttle grip housing so that the allen wrench could be inserted through this hole to lock the cable at the desired length.

Above are the results of my work to remedy this issue. I then put some thin CyA glue super glue into the armature shaft recess, inserted the smooth end of the splined shaft, and seated it to bottom solidly.

First, I fabricated a new set of low hang point loops that positioned the trimmer clamps where they were workable below the riser guide rings. I have a converted day pack which is mounted to the forward lower frame of my Quad, where I carry this gear in easy reach.

This fabric cover is wide enough to cover this PPG Msl slot on the trailer nicely, including covering the rescue parachute while it is mounted on the quad. This is a photo of most of the main items included in my survival kit The photo below shows the result of this modification.

To repair this failure, I cut away about. So I pulled of the woven netting again, and went msl slot work installing a lower drag netting grid with more coverage area, yet hopefully a significant amount less drag. One of those unlikely but possible situations which a PPG pilot might someday have to deal with is that of having an engine or wing malfunction while flying over timbered terrain.

If I do have to put down somewhere other than at my launch point, I'm fairly well prepared. This was far too close to run safely! Bare Quad weighs in at 58 before adding cage and motor installation.

I use a measuring stick from the side cage frame tube to insure that both blade tips are tracking the same distance from that frame tube as I rotate the prop, recheck the pitch angle once more on all blades, and then tighten all bolts to the foot-pound torque recommended by GSC.

No wonder the rubber was showing stress crack failure so soon into it's service life! It's working for now- they are all holding pressure.

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This is an ongoing maintenance requirement on the THOR 's electric starter which can be done if the parts are made available. They should be more 'cactus-resistant' than the light 13" Lawnpro tires. Their lower ends are looped around the lower frame tube straddling the frame tube bolt just under the seat; this bolt will keep this loop from sliding forward or back on the frame to keep the hang angle consistent.

The bobbin makes handling the thread far easier than it would be msl slot work with the spool of thread alone.

Preventive Service Planning

Make sure the inner surface is smooth- wipe away excess, then set the part aside in a warm place to let the silicone cure out for about 24 hours. In the distance is Mount Silverheels at 13, ft.

I then cut down the upper cage support members to the required length, did the saddle notch, drilled the pass-through msl slot for the stainless steel clamps, and re-assembled the support arms and msl slot. Contact Leon at Sky Cruiser Manufacturing: It's ready for re-assembly in one day.

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This 29 MPH required speed for liftoff results in a need for a fair amount of usable ground to get up to liftoff speed- especially when taking off from soft ground. While the 'pawl set' is relatively inexpensive, it's generally a too-frequent maintenance requirement if you are using only the manual starter.

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The process of installing it is one of drilling and deburring all of the holes, then threading through the cord, tensioning it, and tieing it off. Coolant Drain plug with red fiber gasket on bottom of the water pump.

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As pilots, we do our ongoing maintenance and pre-flight checks to assure ourselves that our equipment is in serviceable condition, ready to perform reliably and continuously.

Since then, I'm quite fond of rigging a low hang point setup where the wing's trimmers are clear BELOW the riser guide rings. The Thermostat kit parts Above: This is my already proven technique; I've used it before on similar parts on my Hirth F33 engine, which have since been in service for a long time.

Above is a view of the right side rigging showing the new An added consideration is that the location of these welds is not easily visible during a pre-flight or post-flight visual inspection; I was unaware of the developing problem until they broke loose completely. This meter has internal calibration and function selection programming capabilities via three internal switches; it's set up for 12V power supply now, and for reading a Type K thermocouple.

I use the 2" guide rings to route the reserve parachute's risers separately, inside the upper frame members, and then down to the main carabiners on the low hang loops, keeping them clear of the wing's risers.

The resulting structure is very solid, and the downward-bearing loads are now carried on top of the reinforced lower lengthwise frame members. In July of my rig's dry weight after modifications, ready for flying is checked at with no fuel in the tank.

I later also mounted two more of these tires on the front end. I repaired it, and the blade is back in service. The internal pawls degrade from vibration during normal flight, and require ongoing replacement to continue to function properly.


The two red push button switches are used to test the ignitions by disabling each of them temporarily and separately. I am now buying black 1" diameter round solid fiberglass sections for replacement axles from Max Gain Systems The black color may be more resistant to long term U. The threaded adjuster on the carburetor's top housing has only limited adjustment range- not enough for what was needed here.

This photo shows that the 58" propeller is now protected within the extended cage. A bit of careful sanding on some grit silicone carbide sandpaper resulted in an ideal fit. This should protect these edges nicely. A pound rig rolling across natural short grass prairie at up to 30 MPH puts a lot of stress on the quad's structural members.

The photo below shows the reassembled shaft.

I found an Ebay vendor offering Rick's with free shipping On my quad with it's low hang point rigging, I need to use the upper pulley for the brake line. Upper aluminum thermostat adapter set in place Above: In September of I ordered the new MacPara Charger reflex airfoil wing in the 31 square meter size.

So I stripped off the netting and disassembled the cage support members. The internal brush assembly is also different I machine sew these with a heavy black bonded polyester thread that's specified for this application- it's really strong thread that's also very UV exposure stable. New lower O-Ring and lower aluminum adapter set in place; silicone grease is recommended on the O rings.

The Skymax Quad

Since I wanted to be able to fly the full trimmer range during normal flying, I was looking for a way to compensate for this left turn tendency Above is a "Self-Belaying Kit" which I will carry when on longer flights over the heavily timbered terrain. When the device is slid all the way into the throttle housing, the throttle lever is held at close to full throttle position.

Arc welding does induce stress into metals do to the heating being concentrated in a very small area; that's why steel tube built light aircraft frames are built using gas welding techniques, and heat stress relieving is done on welded areas during the build after each weld is completed.

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