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Id hit that blackjack shirt. Blackjack Card Counting Camouflage That Costs You Nothing

Remember, luck has nothing to do with this game. They'll sound out your totals so you can totally concentrate on the count. Remember to always look embarrassed! Imbicilicus is the preferred prey of gambling establishments, having swallowed, in a glassy-eyed manner, its natural enemy's bait that "gambling is fun halifax casino parking rates exciting.

The pit bosses and dealers notice these little details. This choking technique can be used indefinitely, even after you've worn out some of the above moves. More apologies are now due, but it's worth it because you are now firmly and solidly cast as Imbicilicus. The dealer will then tell you how to do it. Pretend to be intimidated and choke-up on the implementation. This is no longer fashionable in Vegas and it tells everyone that you're a hick from Armpitsville.

Tell the dealer you're getting the "hang of it," thanks to everyone's help. Nuclear War, meaning whack it out id hit that blackjack shirt you have a big, big advantage. Wait for the dealer to discover your mistake. A slight sun-burn will seal the deal that you're a seasonal visitor. Your personal legend can be anything from brain surgeon to Congressional Aide.

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I personally keep track of my running count between rounds with chips. If strategy dictates, hit again and prepare to choke on the total. If you're young, your tee-shirt should display a Michigan State, a U. This is the opposite spin on bust and tuck.

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Firstly, seemingly a zillion percent of the time you will draw stiff hands. The boob bucket provides lots of cover. Appear to possess a short bankroll. Play along with these foolish mortal beliefs.

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It's just what it sounds like. The bust and tuck ploy also works with multiple-card soft hands and all hard hands of four or more cards. The more colorful your waist bag the better. In the summer months, sport shorts, tee-shirts, a cap, and brand new tennis shoes.

Remember to play the "steamer" if you choose this method. Your welcome will wear out slower, if at all. Characters and story lines come easily to me. You can't lose on this move. It especially helps when you need an extra few seconds to calculate a difficult true count and make that strategy decision.

The Michigan State logo on your tee-shirt tells them where you're from. I love 8, 7 on a dealer's 10, then hitting to get another 8 or 7 early in the session. Know the conditions, etc. How then can our species, Predacious Cardus Counterus, benefit from the habits of Imbicilicus? You must learn to converse with the indigenous Imbicilicus, the dealers and the pit bosses.

If neither another player nor the dealer catches it, catch it yourself at the last possible moment, showing the greatest amount of embarrassment and shock you can muster! Either other players will tell you your totals or the dealer will to speed the game.

Amble along like Imbicilicus. The waist bag is to the tourist what the woods are to the bears.

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Leather coats or snow boots id hit that blackjack shirt appropriate will be your best cover for young to forty-ish ages. Now, this will earn you a crash course on playing etiquette from other players and the dealer. This type of dealer could care less if you slid under a burning gasoline tanker.

Circus Circus boob buckets carried from and to the casino are tops in boob buckets. Many mark their money to see if it's drawn from their machine. If you fluctuate down, pull out some more bills from the waist bag. More Card Counting Camouflage: Many pit bosses believe that counters can't talk and count.

I don't recommend this on crusty, old dealers who don't talk, who've been with the casino since the lot was cleared, and who show no emotion. This factor, combined with the total lack of game knowledge, makes survival of this species' bankroll short-lived. Bum Gear sweat-pants or jeans. The Playing Habits of Imbicilicus: Dump them into a boob bucket plastic containers supplied by the casino.

Brilliantly Stupid Blackjack Play As you can see, "stupid camouflage" without "stupid costing" camouflage will postpone casino analysis of your card counting play. I used the legend of civil rights attorney in Reno once. In Nevada, you must provide ID upon request, and if your pseudonym doesn't jibe with your actual moniker, you may have to answer some uncomfortable questions.

After doing this dozens of times, to date, I've never had a dealer scoop up a 21 without catching my mistake. If the advice is bad, ignore it. It only helps you.

Id hit that blackjack shirt