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After Jack's Duel Runner was repaired by Goodwin, he told Mina that he would go to Satellite and make his own "road" rather than "Road of the King" he had young black jack 8 mega been on. Jack told Yusei to continue since, it's their Duel that is responsible for them being there.

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Akiza was in a comatose state and is visited by her parents Hideo and Setsuko. Add image Jack's character design is made by Shuji Maruyama. Jack and Carly managed to defeat Trudge, blowing up a portion of the hospital in the process.

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At an unspecified time, the Duel Runner Jack took breaks down. Jack ultimately won, however he still couldn't find a job.

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After Jack realized Carly is one of them, he chased after her and asked why is she one of them. Although conflicted about maintaining his title even though he technically lost to Yusei, Jack complied with Goodwin's plans in the hope of truly validating his title by finally defeating Yusei in the Fortune Cup and gave "Stardust Dragon" back to Yusei as a sign of competition.

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Jack put on his jacket and agreed with her, after which he vowed to never let himself get used by people again. Jack attempted to end the Duel in a DRAWdeciding that if he had to cause Carly's death that it would be acceptable if he died along with her. Later, he met Yusei Fudo and Crow Hogan and became one of their best friends.

Jack remembering Carly, refused, and his Life Points were lowered to 1.

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Inside the theater, he met Lazarwho came on behalf of Rex Goodwin. She then followed him to the monorail where he was attempting to get on the train to leave. He made his way to the building, unaware that Carly is the Dark Signer responsible.

Trudgenow under the Dark Signers ' control, suddenly came and challenged Jack. Jack then became the Turbo Dueling Champion and moved into the compound of Rex Goodwinwho tried to conceal Jack's origins from the public.

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Carly snuck him out on a gurney as a body with a sheet over it. Jack woke up in Carly's place after envisioning a meeting with the Dark Signers in a dream. As King, he believed in a pursuit philosophy; where that he would drive himself into his own pinches only to crush his opponents with his absolute comeback strategies.

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Jack wanted to Duel him but is stopped by Yusei, who tells him that its too dangerous to Duel a Dark Signer here.

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