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The bread moves through the toaster propelled by a clever mechanism driven by a little motor. It is in unused condition with a small scratch below the name on the front and another small mark on the top edge of the toaster which doesn't show when the toaster is pushed in. Shipping weight 9 Lbs. There is a cut off switch mounted inside the case that prevents the current from flowing if the toaster is not fully extended outward.

Thanks again, Toastmaster from the late s This Toastmaster began production in the late s and continued on into the s. The basic guts are very similar to the hugely popular model that came out after WWII, but the feet and fittings were streamlined and made easier to assemble.

Albert and Carol in Plant City, Florida bought this model toaster and wrote to say We have received our Toastmaster 1B14 and could not be more impressed or pleased.

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The control knob allows a range from light to dark. The Brennans in Lakebay, Washington bought this model toaster and wrote to say Just wanted to touch base with you and give you some feedback on our toaster. Thank you again, The Walking Toaster The earliest models of this toaster were produced in New York City inand continued production through the early s at their last location just across the East River in Long Island City, Queens, New York, near the Breyer's ice cream plant.

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I am very pleased with it. If you were a June bride inyou were likely to receive the new Super De Luxe Toastmaster with Power Action and it sold at a premium price point. It has an easy to open crumb door on the bottom for easy cleaning. It has been disassembled, cleaned, repaired if necessary, reassembled and tested.

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This toaster mounts in a steel outer casing that fits between wall studs. It looks great, and it makes perfect toast. The toaster measures 12 inches long, 5 inches wide and 10 inches long.

Thank you for skillfully bringing this electro-mechanical marvel back to productive toasting. We will enjoy breakfast more from now on. Thank you very much, Chris from Spring Valley, Ohio bought this model toaster as a gift for his mother and wrote to say Thanks for helping me make my 89 year old mother a very happy lady.

Model 1B24 Volts Thanks so much for what you do!

Thank you for such great service! This sturdy toaster has a heavy steel case with chromium plating.

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Long Island City, N. It is the apotheosis of toasterhood in my opinion. I'm thrilled to once again have real toast - evenly browned all the way to the edges - and faster, too!

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Peter an engineer in San Francisco bought this model toaster and wrote to say Our Toast Master with Power Action arrived very carefully packed and in perfect condition. The heavy steel case is plated in highly polished chromium. This toaster is in very good condition and fitted with a new cord and plug.

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We offer repair service for this model of Modern Maid toaster. This one is in very good condition. Kay in Soquel, California bought this model toaster and wrote to say I glory in my new to me toaster, which is exactly like the one I grew up with.

I thank you for the extra effort on your part in assuring that the surface is polished and unmarred. It looks new and it works beautifully.

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It is nice to have the choice to buy a vintage American toaster rather than all the new ones made in China. The massive base is bakelite and signed nicely on both sides.

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You put in bread in one end, watch it going by in the little porthole window, and it comes out toast on the other end. It has been cleaned inside and fitted with a new, replacement cord and plug, good for another decade of service. It's a marvel every time it swiftly swallows a slice of bread and moments later gracefully delivers toast ready for butter and home made marmalade.

The only thing wrong, according to her, is she now has to find a new pet peeve to fuss about. To have perfectly even toasters extra wide slots thin slice bread in one easy step again after 30 years delights her with every use.

The Super De Luxe Toastmaster Toastmaster was selling train loads toasters extra wide slots toasters after WWII, competing with Sunbeam's radical design feature -- just drop a slice into the slot and carriage descends automatically.

Take care and good luck in helping households to have tasty and toasty mornings.

Toasters extra wide slots