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JacksonJerry Prell driver writers: PopovichCharles Guardino Det. Frank looks on as Joyce reaches out to a distraught Fay.

After standing up Bates for breakfast, Coffey comes to work with a black eye. Work casino cruise ship gives Hunter and his EATers tips on venting rage. Joyce outmaneuvers Frank, Washington and LaRue after they are accused of entrapping her client, a mugger, by singling him out and luring him into a criminal act.

Esterhaus is exposed to details of Grace's sexual past after she asks him for help with her neighbor and his barking dog.

A miserable Joyce pays an evening visit to the Hill and brings her relationship with Frank out into the open with a kiss. LaRue starts drinking again.

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Fay introduces her fiance, Hal Massey, to Furillo. Belker nabs a purse-snatching orangutan. Hunter's morbid analysis of the situation repulses the other officers.

Esterhaus' new friend, Mac, pays visit to the station house. A distraught Renko is forced to put his father back in the hospital after his condition worsens. When Brooks turns up dead, a furious Furillo virtually declares war on the gang leader. Chief Daniels narrowly misses a verbal backlash from Fay when she witnesses him telling Furillo to "muzzle the little woman.

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Joyce pushes Frank to short circuit "pent ante" busts brought on by the cold weather. Belker laments growing older after he goes undercover as a hot dog vendor and loses a drug dealer during a foot chase. Royal Blood gang colors were reportedly spotted at the scene and a sweep of a nearby playground nets the gun and, ultimately, the killer of Gilliam.

And everyone's testy after negotiations between the police union and the city break down. He later consults Joyce.

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Hill and Renko's bad luck with patrol cars continues, losing two in one day. Joyce grows more bitter as Harmon rubs Frank's nose in the fact he still walks on Gilliam's murder guest stars: At a subsequent lunch, Frank offers little support - for which he later apologizes - when she tells him she's quitting PD's office.

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Renko enlists Hill, Bates and Coffey in a futile search for his gun that was stolen by an armed robber who burst in on a late-night card game. LaRue goes undercover in the Hill Street jail and gets more than he bargained when he is helpless to stop a tragedy in the next cell.

The rodent's funeral in the station house men's room comes at an inopportune moment.

Belker rincon craps review Washington find pieces of Esterhaus' car when they raid a chop shop. Renko learns his father is dying of cancer. After a junkie prostitute nearly dies due to her mistake, Bates lashes out at everyone and walks out of the small arms competition in which she and Coffey are favored. Wachtel tries to persuade Joyce to use her now-public relationship with Frank to help his client, a professional "kneebuster," who was arrested by Belker.

Goldblume dons a dress as a part of "Operation: Fay descends on the Hill with a birthday cake for Furillo, who turns While driving a cab in an undercover operation, Goldblume meets a lonely woman - and later returns to her apartment for a little extramarital activity.

While casino reserve indienne au quebec pursuit of gang members involved in the drive-by shooting of a year-old girl, Bates is forced to return fire at a year-old boy, killing him.

They unfortunate duo are rearended by a wedding party, thrusting them between a young man and his work supervisor. Belker busts the bald-headed pickpocket again and then goes undercover as a rabbi to catch a gang targeting ATM customers.

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A devastated Rincon craps review comes to Frank's office for comfort after identifying Gilliam's body at the morgue and later seriously questions her line of work. On the same operation, Belker nabs a cross-dressing robber. A subsequent interrogation by Furillo confirms their suspicions, forcing the release of Bragg and Harmon.