The Return of the Balinese Room - Nightclub & Live Music Galveston Texas

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Fast forward to No one would have been surprised to wake up and find that the Gulf had swallowed up the old structure after a heavy storm. Ranger Clint Peoples managed to pose as a customer and was admitted to the club and witnessed the gambling. Scott led us into the showroom, and we were stunned. The Rangers set up shop in a hotel near the club, and raided the casino often.

Scott Arnold has big plans for the Balinese Room. And for good reason.

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Inthe "Grotto" was remodeled into a Chinese restaurant called "Sui Jen" pronounced Swee Rinand a foot pier stretching out over the Gulf was added to the building. The Balinese Room's private back room was equipped with the most modern gaming gambling equipment, and the Maceos' advertisements invited high rollers to "Come Down and Play on Galveston Island.

The Rangers finally launched an undercover operation. For those folks who'd like to experience the Balinese Room in person, the club is currently as of March open most Friday and Saturday nights with live music, as well as the Sunday lunch.

The charges stuck, and the equipment was confiscated and destroyed.

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She sang and played a selection of jazz and Big Band hits, and her voice filled the showroom with magic. He named that drink after the Spanish version of her name: Behind me, I noticed some beautiful acrylic drawings.

Many of the piers that supported the structure had been washed away, and over the subsequent decades, the building decayed further. After having survived hurricanes CarlaAliciaand numerous smaller storms, the galveston gambling pier old club was completely destroyed.

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The gaming tables would be set with tablecloths, china, and silver. Only plywood, rubble, metal and the famed red door were left after the hurricane passed through. The Sui Jen was a successful enterprise for Maceo, but as with the casino juego piramide queen the nile restaurant business, it's often time for a change.

InHurricane Carla galveston gambling pier the structure. Arnold showed me where the gambling machines galveston gambling pier to sit. Later that night and early Saturday morning, Hurricane Ike barreled ashore, with the eye of the storm tracking into Galveston Bay.

Four years after that, it reopened as an oriental restaurant and night club, called the Sui Jen. These small shops represent a departure from the original Balinese.

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Its defense was ingenious. Local law enforcement looked the other way. The casino was at the far end of the pier at Seawall, about feet from the entrance on shore. Although the pier was higher than the seawall, Ike's storm surge, waves and wind were more than the seventy-nine-year-old structure could handle. By the dance floor, the same piano that Duke Ellington used to play was being put to good use by a jazz pianist.

When the Texas Rangers would raid the place, a buzzer sounded in the gaming room, and chips, cards, roulette wheels, and other gambling devices were hidden in the walk-in safe, or in special compartments in the walls. I asked Scott Arnold if I galveston gambling pier see the old casino room.

But here in the Balinese Room, it felt right.

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There we met Scott Arnold, attorney and real estate speculator. I had to wonder if their parents had done the same thing fifty years ago. He told me the story of the legendary Balinese room bartender Santos Cruz, who mixed a new drink for singer Peggy Margaret Lee in He demanded entrance, and two detectives disguised as gamblers who were already in the casino stopped employees from stashing the evidence.

Look for the hours to expand as summer approaches. The film Night Game featured the Balinese Room as a filming location.

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The Sunday afternoon crowd was a bit more casually attired than the high rollers who frequented the Balinese in the past, but they were still having a wonderful time. In addition to the Balinese Room itself, which was used for live music, parties, and weekend public dining, the pier had a salon, retail shops and a massage therapy room with a glass floor.

A good-sized crowd was enjoying the brunch buffet at tables spread around the room. But the Maceos had many allies in the local government and on the police force, so charges were never filed. The hallway of the long pier was lined with autographed photos of past performers and other memorabilia.

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It offered the best entertainers, the hottest crowds, and the best illegal gambling in the state. It was closed nine years later for a gambling violation. Many investors would be tempted to sell off this memorabilia, but Arnold plans to keep them right were they are, keeping a watchful eye over the back room.

He replied that it was a private club, and he was not a member.

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An older galveston gambling pier took to the dance floor casinos blackjack moved gracefully to the music. It appears to have been meticulously restored. InWill Wilson was elected as Texas Attorney General after campaigning to "close down Galveston" and its illegal casinos using the Texas Rangers.

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