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The JetStar Roller coaster, Log Flume, Stillwalk Manor, Centrifuge Building with the ride and many other rides or parts of rides housed in there, and the Music Xpress fell into the Atlantic Ocean Acarousel might not be the most popular ride in any amusement park but the carousel at casino pier has a large fan base. There is also a water park known as break water beach located right across the street from the arcade.

The carousel is located in the casino pier arcade between ocean terrace and the boardwalk. Wave Swinger - A LARGE swingset, you are spun faster and faster, eventually making you arc wide enough that you spend part of your time out over the ocean. Inthe waterpark celebrated their 25 year anniversary. It took you from the pool area to wild mouse casino pier east end of the pier. InWater Works was remodeled and opened as Breakwater Beach.

About Casino Pier This area is one of the busiest places on the boardwalk. Enterprise - Like a ferris wheel, with a twist. InWater Works was remodeled and opened as Breakwater Beach. Weekend hours then take effect again in September and continue through mid-October.

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How to cite this page Choose cite format: Inthe waterpark celebrated their 25 year anniversary. June 10th a wind whipped fire consumed a huge portion of the pier in including the Wild Mouse. When is the Casino Pier Open? The water attractions include a high long tube slide, a kiddy pool, a long twisted flume slide, and the "Perfect Storm" - a conglomeration of pools, slides, and plunges.

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The Skyscraper reopened but now the spinning arm is now on the South of the pole. Call x for their winter hours. A brand new Fun House Surf Shack was placed at the end of the pier.

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Luv Bugs was re-themed to Wizards Cavern in In the original Casino building would change forever allowing Ocean Terrance to connect with it's north section. It is also open for limited hours for a few weekends before and after being open full time during the summer. The properties of Casino Pier sustained severe damage as a result of Sandy. The rides are run of the mill for the most part, but be sure to check out the creepy dark ride, it's one of my top In the Skydiver ride fell on wild mouse casino pier of the Himalaya during a violent thunderstorm.

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Breakwater Beach The water park has many water based play areas and a small go cart track. Beginning sometime in early June the Casino Pier is open full time - every day, with all the rides available.

Its 8 dollars to ride the zamperla disco and 8 dollars to ride the dark ride and it adds up really quick.

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In the offseason it is open Friday through Sunday. Impressed chadster After seeing several ghetto piers on my Jersey shore whore tour, I was impressed with this pier.

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Most are horses but there are also two camels, a donkey, a lion, and a tiger. All of the junk food in the world.

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It truly is one of the better ones. But the pier is the gem of the boardwalk they had 3 rollercaosters operating before sandy, hot tamales, pirates hideaway, wild mouse.

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I will leave it to someone else to tell me what this ride is like. Amusements and Rides There are both adult and kiddy rides. Fun and Scary Houses The Mardi Gras, Stillwalk Manor read more about this so called "dark ride's" history and a new fun house opening in are ready to amuse or scare you!

The rest of the arcade features pinball, video games, Skee Ball and other games of chance. Ranging from family rides to roller coasters, they also have a rooftop mini golf course, a chairlift that runs the entire legnth of the north side of the boardwalk. If you enjoy SkyCoasters even a little bit, it's worth paying for a ride on wild mouse casino pier here!

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