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Poland can into space: Sweden is not overpowered!: Have rebels you support in another country enforce their demands. Defender of the Faith: As Portugal, have a colony in Brazil and in Africa. Have prestige, legitimacy and three stability.

Own the Thirteen Colonies as a westernized Cherokee. Dismantle the Holy Roman Empire.

After hitting yes, a new popup will show a flag for the new nation. By distributing newly acquired provinces to client states, the overlord can take far larger territories in a single war, and annex them when the client states are done coring them. Unite Japan as a Daimyo. Client states are more loyal than other subjects, having their Liberty desire reduced by The player chooses the client state's government, name, colour on the political map, and coat of arms upon creating it.

As Poland, reach the maximum level in all technologies You may have at most 10 client states at a time.

No trail of tears: Own the entire Caribbean. Own one province on each continent. Own all naval supplies provinces as Norway. That's a Grand Army: If the client state is created as a monarchy, the overlord can choose to appoint a member of its own dynasty as governor or give the reins to a local noble family.

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Once created, a client state behaves just like a vassal and is able to become a march. As such, the player is granted the ability to create customized vassals of sorts to further their conquests. Rejecting this call to arms only incurs a penalty to trust with relevant nations.

Own all of India as a European nation.

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A country cannot warn another country it is already warned by, or that is not significantly weaker. Gain at least 7. Threaten war is a diplomatic action which lets a nation demand a province that it has a claim or core on.

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The ruler name for the client state is chosen from its culture as opposed to the dynasty of its overlord. Send warning[ edit ] Sending a warning to a target country results in a defensive call to arms if the target attacks one of the warner's neighbors.

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However, provinces that are islands cannot be added to an existing client state. Spain is the Emperor: Become Defender of the Faith. A Kaiser not just in name: Client states begin with twice as many monarch points as they make per month, with a maximum of 18, 18, and 18 for a ruler.

The name defaults to the name of the capital province unless changed. Regardless of this choice, the client state will start with its overlord's religion and the culture of its capital province. Get all the French Cores as France.

Client states that share the culture of the provinces they rule avoid penalties to income and unrest for unaccepted cultures.

This navy can take it all: Kill 10, men in one battle. Guarantees can be revoked at will, which gives the former guarantor a truce on the formerly guaranteed country but not vice versa.

Own Paris as England or Great Britain. The pen is mightier than the sword: The colour of the nation can be changed by hitting the top arrows, the design of the coat of arms by hitting the second set of arrows, and the colour of the coat of arms by hitting the lowermost arrows.

Conquer the World as Ryukyu. Provinces can only be added to a client state if they directly neighbour its existing provinces. Client states start with maximum legitimacy if monarchy or republican tradition if republic. A country will relinquish a province if the relative strength of the demanding country's alliance outweighs the relative worth of the province and the alliances of the threatened nation.

No Pirates in my Caribbean: Have a colony in Australia. A warning lasts for 20 years and can be issued again once it expires. If the demand is not accepted a war is declared with the Conquest casus belli for said province. Any nation with more than one province can create a client state once they reach level 23 in diplomatic technology.

To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", "My profile", "View all my games", then the game eu4 client state diplomatic slot view stats. My armies are invincible!: More than 90 percent Naval and Army Tradition. The overlord can also decide whether the client state will be a republic or a monarchy and, if a monarchy, whether the ruler will come from the overlord's dynasty or the local nobility.

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Own Rome, Moscow and Istanbul as Ottomans. Since provinces owned by client states do not contribute to their overlord's overextensionthey are a handy way to speed up expansion.

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That's a Grand Navy: It is only possible to guarantee countries that are significantly weaker than the guarantor - protection from a weaker nation will not be taken seriously. If they share the religion of their overlord, they can eu4 client state diplomatic slot the burden of converting their provinces, though they always take the Humanist idea group and sometimes neglect to convert their provinces, especially high development ones.

A call to arms from a guarantee functions identically to a defensive call to arms in an alliance and carries the same penalties if declined.

However, there is a maximum limit of 10 client states per nation. Proclaim guarantee[ edit ] Guaranteeing a nation calls the guarantor to war if the target nation is directly attacked by another nation.

When choosing which province the client state to make the capital, it's best to choose the province with the highest development, since the new client state will gain a free full core on that province and will not suffer overextension from that province.

It's all about the money: If the demand is accepted, the province is transferred to the demanding nation.

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Factors that influence the AI's willingness to giving up a province are: Discover the whole world.

Eu4 client state diplomatic slot