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What kind of materials do you use?

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Seriously, that's not just me covering my ass. This is meant to stun or knock out the subject. Please direct any questions to me directly, rather than the comments section, as I will get the message faster. Cards of all sizes and makes, chips of different weights and materials, layouts for home games, and all other items that you need to make your gaming more fun.

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The saps I make would be legal to own just about anywhere, but carrying one on your person might be considered an offensive weapon, it varies a lot from state to state. American Gaming Supply is a convenient one-stop shop for your gaming needs. If I cannot do it myself, I will do my best to refer you to someone who can.

It is your responsibility to know the law regarding weapons where you reside.

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American Gaming Supply offers a vast variety of gaming items which includes game tables and accessories for every popular casino game you can imagine. I am currently taking orders for my saps.

Put your logo, image, text, even custom denominations!

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I sell these as collectibles. If you have a request for a special design or some sort of embellishment, feel free to ask me about it.

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I will respond to your inquiry to confirm I can fulfill your order, then accept payment via Paypal accordingly. We can also ship to other countries like Canada, UK, and Australia.

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Custom Poker Chips Make your game unique and more stylish. We carry all sorts of casino supplies, custom tables, poker chairs, game room products, and all other casino tables and supplies.

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We carry items that you not only want but the items that you actually need. I make these for people who simply appreciate hand crafted goods and the nostalgia factor. Along with these tables would come our very comfortable poker chairs that also come in different sizes and specifications.

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Great fun, great comfort, great quality, and great style for your gaming ventures. I do not currently ship outside the United States. Are these handmade blackjack to carry? Darts, Resort world genting casino dress code, Chess, Arcade Machines, Foosball, these are other games that we carry aside from the casino games.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions: Materials such as lead, steel zurich casino parking leather are used to construct these weapons, but the base design is of a soft covering over a dense weighted core.

We are complete on accessories for these.

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Free shipping applies only to shipping within the Contiguous United States; For Hawaii and Alaska handmade blackjack shipping charges shall apply. However, blows to the head are also easily fatal or can cause permanent damage, and they have since become less common equipment. They make nice paperweights or massage tools for those qualified in various types of bodywork.

Own chips that are personalized and are custom-made to your taste. I stitch these by hand, and for the time being, I do not cast lead, or put springs in the body of the sap, owing to the limitations of my equipment and experience.

I always have black, brown, saddle tan and oxblood.

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Custom chips can also be used as business cards, drink tokens for bars and restaurants, and promotion tokens. My lead time on orders is approximately one week. I often have other colors too, just ask. They could be used as an impact weapon by a skilled fighter, but there are lots of better options. Blackjacks and Saps are used by law enforcement due to their low profile and small size, and their potential to knock a suspect unconscious.

I would never recommend my saps as a primary means of personal protection. May it be as general as dart boards or as specific as dart board cabinets, type it in the search bar and you will find it.

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Not only do we offer more fun but also more comfort and style to your next gaming experience. It is a small, easily-concealed club consisting of a leather-wrapped lead weight attached to the end of a leather-wrapped coil spring or rigid shaft, with a lanyard or strap on the end opposite the weight.

A sap has a flat profile as opposed to the cylindrical shape of the blackjack The weapon works by storing kinetic energy in the dense core during the swing, then spreads the impact over a larger surface area via the covering so as to avoid lacerating the skin and lessening the chance of breaking bones.

Let me know the following: These are custom-made just for you. Custom designs or other sizes may cost more. There are other excellent makers out there who are more qualified to make flat saps and blackjacks.

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This is subject to change if I have to travel, I will let you know. If you can't find what you are looking for or need assistance, please Email your request to our Customer Service: When directed at the head, it works by concussing the brain without cutting the scalp. Celebrate with custom chips as it can also be used as give-away for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and all occasions you can think of.