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Both Guitarist Phil Campbell and drummer Mickey Dee have a chance to show off their musician skills, with Campbell driving his guitar sound in just about every track and Dee pounding the living crap out of the drum kit for a good ten minute solo treat, after which he jokingly slumps forward with his head hitting the drum in front of him.

I've been lucky with the success I've had, and you just kinda put your nose to the grindstone, and don't really look up.

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I write a lot of riffs and melodies, and I'll get ideas for song titles, and I'll sort of put them together. They've been recording in LA and New York, and Jett is enthusiastic about the songs, some of which they'll perform at their Auckland show. When a woman plays rock'n'roll, she owns her sexuality, she tells Laura Barton. How do you write your songs?

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I think you know what to do. In America, she tours almost constantly, to a fan base made up equally of people who have been with her from the early days and newer converts turned on by the props given to her pioneering work by acts — the Distillers, Juliette and the Licks, the Donnas — who arrived in her wake. And there's also a more straight-up love song called Any Weather, which she wrote with Dave Grohl.

We like you to sing out.

Merit the by their and fill. Her raspy voice covers the whole arena, and you can imagine many of the rockers eyes male and female are on her short - haired and leather clad look.

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Great to be here with you. Inhowever, the notoriety stemmed from little more than "being teenage girls playing rock'n'roll - because in those days, and even now, it's not really the norm, I suppose.

Monday Nov 5, I can't plan it; I can't say, "Okay, today at two o'clock I'm going to sit down and write for a couple of hours. A lot of artists are trying to go that route.

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Perhaps that's why male critics find her so scary. There's a song called Reality Mentality, which is a little self-explanatory, with the explosion of reality TV and how real is it, and people playing up for cameras, people wanting to be a star at any cost, so it's just about taking note of that, not necessarily good or bad, just saying that's who we are.

Now we own the rights to our music, and I think people see the benefit in that. And it's not like that's all she has to offer.

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Jett doesn't get anywhere near acclaim she deserves for either her music or the influence she's had on the history of female rock, so it's about time you got down there and showed some respect. As the lift ascends to the third floor of the Brighton Centre, its passengers stand in companionable silence: But I love what I do, and if I didn't enjoy it, we wouldn't continue.

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Classic Rock Roll of Honor from: Jett lost both her parents during the past two years, which triggered a couple of different songs - one called Hard To Grow Up "about realising you have to take responsibility" and another, Fragile "you know how we can be so strong, yet things can still be right on the point of breaking". We sent them four songs - Bad Reputation, I Love Rock 'n' Roll, Crimson and Clover, and Do You Wanna Touch Me - all of which went on to become hits, and so you've gotta say to yourself, either the record companies don't listen to what people send them or they can't hear hits or, because they knew who I was, they had predetermined they didn't want anything to do with me and so they'd write me a nice blow-off letter.

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