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In the past day I have gained a new respect for someone and lost a lot of respect for another all because of honesty or the lack of it. Never mind what others think or say if you are struggling spill the beans, confession is good for your recovery.

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I adore watching Netflix on there but of course if I maintain my gamble free time I can easily afford a tv for my bedroom. Yes last weekend I got past my gambling blocker so yes I will have to get rid of the iphone - in fact Gambling complaints forum got past it in a way which means I will unlikely ever be able to own a smartphone again.

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I do hope that I'm wrong about this. You will notice I no longer use that thread.

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Worries come and go in life I guess - our ability to cope changes but we get there - what I can clearly see is that escaping to gambling is akin to pouring petrol on a burning house. Thank you for writing so kindlyrespectfully and considerately towards how fragile I feel right now.

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You've achieved things at the same time. I think others notice it whether they realise it or not - I find in work people are going out of their way to be kind and helpful and I sense in their tone they can see I'm fragile. I find it "disconcerting " and " off putting" to find my thread referenced in a negative way on the thread of another person We all come to GT for the same reason, to get support or help with our own battles against compulsive gambling.

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I notice some people write all over other people's threads I can be like that at times while rarely posting on their own. It's like swimming against the tide sometimes but if we want to survive we have to stop threading water and push ourselves forward.

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I have tried to explain this for a couple of years now and no one gets it- I'm not sure if you really get that this been a real difficulty for me but somehow your post has reduced that fear. Doesn't make it any easier when you are the fall- guy!

SomeI relate well to.

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Your holidays, your job, your family. One day I'm sure it will fall into place, look at My slot tech notes, look at Vera, you've read my "horror story" post Your post did that for me today - so thank you.

You don't need to gamble, you need to stop gambling.

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Gambling changes who we are in so many ways IDI. I guess they know I'm not myself right now. Wondering if you got on holiday, btw.

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I have a worry - one which I can't write about on here - one I should have faced but instead escaped into gambling. The truth hurts I D I, if you're not open to criticism and only want to get accolades and pats on the back are you really ready to gambling complaints forum.

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