Basic construction and working of a DC Generator. |

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Tweet DC Generator A dc generator is an electrical machine which converts mechanical energy into direct current electricity. Epoxy coated for protection or SS Maximum Pump Thrust - kg at Shut-Off. Field coils are former wound and placed on each pole and are connected in series.

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Single drive shaft, or, a drive shaft at both ends, double shaft extension. Hence, let's call this point as construction of a DC machine instead of just 'construction of a dc generator'.

DC Generator

If the motor is going to drive a hydraulic pump we recommend a close coupled arrangement to save the weight of the coupling and the coupling housing. Max torque per motor: In some cases the original motors can be significantly upgraded.

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They are wound in such a way that, when energized, they form alternate North and South poles. Horizontal mounting, with hollow shaft. They rest on commutator segments and slide on the segments when the commutator rotates keeping the physical contact to collect or supply the current.


Our standard motor refurbishment and rewind programme includes the following: High Voltage motors can have random stator windings, or formed coils, depending on space and weight constraints. Power Conductor and Sensor Connector Blocks to be in the same position on the motor at opposite ends or as requested.

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In a DC generator, field coils produce an electromagnetic field and the armature conductors are rotated into the field. To operate pumps that will rotate between and rpm.

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We offer a complete motor repair and rewind service for all name brands of submersible motors, both water and oil filled. When the armature completes a half rotation, the direction of motion of that particular conductor will be reversed to downward. The armature conductors are insulated from each other and also from the armature core.

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In this type, field coils are energized from the current produced by the generator itself.

Basic construction and working of a DC Generator.